Rakham Shapeshifter as an Khorne Deamon
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Thread: Rakham Shapeshifter as an Khorne Deamon

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    Default Rakham Shapeshifter as an Khorne Deamon


    I recently converted a little Shapeshifter from the \"Confrontation\" game to be an Exalted Daemn of Khorne. I like it, but i like all of my Minis :rolleyes: ...

    It would be great if you could give some comments:


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    The conversion is pretty good, but the logictics confuse me.. I thought GW had a monopoly on it\'s figs and games so that if you play warhammer you must use warhammer figs. I can see how you\'d want to do this for house games and such, but I wouldn\'t go to any tournaments if I was you.. But if you continue this, I might suggest Rackham\'s Belial model as a daemon prince. I\'m not saying everyone must play with GW minis, because frankly I hate the price.. I\'m just wondering how you\'ve gotten this far. :P

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    hey thx :)

    Well, i dont play in GW-Stores, usually the few battles of my little army will take place at home or in \"idependent\" stores. So if i like a miniature i take it :D

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    its a fine conversion, and it looks better then every khorne deomon that i ever see from GW!!!

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    Default Beautiful...

    Agree with Dakkon...you seriously don\'t need total GW stuff to play warhammer games (unless in a GW tournament). I used stuff from many other GW \"subsidiaries\" to complete my dwarves and elf army. Just imagine, a full regiment of hammerers (16), fully metal costing only S$50 (that\'s US$30)! If I will to do the same with pure GW, it\'ll cost my approximately S$140!!! (that\'s US$77!!)

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    have to say, lovely conversion and great paint job. good overall effect

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    Big Mean Elf

    Default GW Police come kill you soon I bet....


    So LOOK out!


    Looks GREAT man,hell of a fine job...


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    Not sure if this would affect game stats or anything, but I think he looks great but would look even better with wings, or maybe spikes coming out elsewhere like his shoulders or knees.

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    Default Err...

    Exactly which model is it in the Rackham line??

    I can\'t seem to find it.

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    I dont know the english name of this mini, but its code is:


    it\'s a blister with two minis

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    Originally posted by Dakkon
    I dont know the english name of this mini, but its code is:


    it\'s a blister with two minis
    Kelt Barbarian\'s \"Danu Warrior / Spasm Warrior \". That particular mini if ordered alone is code BAEL03_02 :D

    Dakkon, nice job, I really like the tusks and the paint job, great for a Khorne daemon.

    Darkblade :cool:

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    Default A zillion thanx...

    Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Th anx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Than x...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx. ..Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...Thanx...

    You get the idea...me going to get one...:P

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    :) why not ;)

    last month i saw the newer \"Danu Warrior / Spasm Warrior\"

    It would be a much bigger conversion, but i think i\'ll try it. Two daemons are always better than one :cool:

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