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    Default Miniature Exchange #4 - Sign up!

    Hey folks,

    It\'s time for the next Miniature Exchange, this being the fourth in what I hope to see a long tradition here on CMON.

    TJefferes started this originally and I picked it up when life got a bit busy for him and I have organized M.E. 2 and 3 and it\'s now time to pass on the torch as life has gotten busy for me as well.

    MarkusTay will be organizing this for the foreseeable future and will announce dates and assignments. I\'ll be sending my log of information to him later tonight.

    Per the usual, take the time to holler out if you are interested in joining in M.E. 4 and whether you have any preference to where you wish to ship (within your country, outside of it, or no preference at all).

    If you were in the previous M.E., please take the time to holler as well as life may have gotten busy for some of ya\'ll and we wouldn\'t want to drag anyone without their knowledge.


    Here is to another fun one! Thanks Mark for continuing it.

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    Default Damn, Nathan

    You work quick! lol

    I am pasting this from FF\'s ME3 thread, in case anyone is unsure of the general rules.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________

    So now we\'re officially announcing Miniature Exchange #4 and taking on all that wish to join in on the fun. If this is your first time hearing about the exchange, let me give you a bit of information.

    TJeffers started this up last year (cheers!) as he came to notice that he had more lead (that would be miniature) laying around in his drawers than he could possibly paint and what once might of inspired him certainly didn\'t any longer. Thus inspriation hit and he decided to see about an \'exchange\'.

    Essentially, a group of us get together from all over the world, dig through our piles of goodies, and ship off one or two miniatures that we\'re interested in seeing SOMEONE ELSE paint while you in turn wait for a package from another individual with miniatures that you are supposed to paint as well. Its almost like Christmas with the anticipation of what you\'re going to get at times. This isn\'t a direct exchange from one person to another and back again but Sally sends to Joey and Joey sends to Ted and Ted sends to ... you get the idea.

    The guidelines are fairly simple and open. First and foremost, participate and have fun. The more the merry, though we understand completely if life jumps up and you are not able to participate or finish up your miniature. It happens, try and finish it up down the road if you are able.

    I have a list of names of the individuals that have participated in the past miniature exchange as well as those that spoke up and wanted to be included which I will post below. If you aren\'t able to continue on to the next exchange, we understand, but hope you are able to come back in the future. You\'ll have two months with the miniature though so hopefully that will keep most of us together on it. Tell a friend to join in as well, new blood is always welcome! If you are interested in participating, even if you did the last one, please speak up so no one gets \'drafted\' in that didn\'t want to continue with the exchange.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________

    I feel honored that FF has passed this on to me, and I hope to do as good a job as my predecessors.

    So give a holler, and lets get busy... :D

    Name/country ---------- Location -------- Shipping Preference

    • Paintingploddy –------ Melbourne --------------- Anywhere
    • ZeCorto ----------------- Sydney ------------------ Anywhere

    • JimG -------------------- Edmonton, Alberta ----- Anywhere
    • Naukhel ---------------- Toronto ------------------- Anywhere
    • No Such Agency ----- Guelph, Ontario -------- Anywhere
    • QuietiManes ---------- Ottawa, Ontario --------- Anywhere

    • Marineboy ------------- Copenhagen ------------- Anywhere

    • green stuff -------------- Lyon ---------------------- Anywhere

    • Sakura –----------------- Herne --------------------- Europe
    • toxc ---------------------- Augsburg --------------- Anywhere

    • Calavera ---------------- Reykjavik ----------------- USA/Europe

    • DragonPaint ------------ Alba ----------------------- Anywhere

    • cdukino ------------------ Eindhoven --------------- Anywhere

    • Galante ------------------ Lisbon -------------------- Anywhere

    • Sebrushworth --------- Stockholm ---------------- Anywhere

    • Etherion ----------------- Zurich --------------------- Anywhere

    • Absract_incendiarie - Northwest, England --- Anywhere
    • aescarion---------------- UK ------------------------- Anywhere
    • Durham_red ------------ Nottingham -------------- Anywhere
    • Einion -------------------- (Ireland?) ------------------ Europe
    • ilynx2k4 ------------------ Lincolnshire, UK -------- Anywhere
    • Kittykat23uk ------------- Norwich, England ------ Anywhere
    • peteh ---------------------- Kent, UK ------------------- UK
    • ralfmetal ------------------ Stranraer, Scotland ---- Anywhere
    • Reverend ----------------- Cardiff, Wales ----------- Anywhere
    • TIDOCO2222 ------------ UK ------------------------- Anywhere
    • War Griffon --------------- Cardif Wales, UK ------ Anywhere

    • Anatora ------------------ Prattville. AL -------------- Anywhere
    • angus147258 ---------- Marin, CA ----------------- Anywhere
    • Argonaux ---------------- San Pablo, CA ----------- Anywhere
    • Dachande -------------- Chambersberg, PA ------ Anywhere
    • Duende ----------------- Chambersberg, PA ------ Anywhere
    • DM of Doom ------------ Largo, FL ------------------ Anywhere
    • Drake Farstrider -------- Seatle, WA ---------------- Anywhere
    • Equus -------------------- Seattle, WA --------------- Anywhere
    • Frustrated Father ------ Woodstock, GA --------- Anywhere
    • Gin1906 ------------------ West Richland, WA ----- USA
    • ipaintminis --------------- Largo, FL ---------------- Anywhere
    • Jabberwocky -------------- Missouri ---------------- Anywhere
    • Jahecker ------------------ Ohio ---------------------- Anywhere
    • JakeSh -------------------- Harrisburg, PA. -------- Anywhere
    • James9487 -------------- Columbia, SC ---------- Anywhere
    • Jezzter --------------------- Lewistown, PA. -------- Anywhere
    • jimbob1066e ------------ FourCorners, NM ------ Anywhere
    • leopardpixie -------------- Long Beach (Cal?) ---- Anywhere
    • redDawn ------------------ Atlanta, GA -------------- Anywhere
    • rex_lyver ------------------ Enfield, CT -------------- Anywhere
    • Shawn R.L. --------------- SantaRosa, Cal ------ Anywhere
    • Shinjikun1 ---------------- NYC ---------------------- Anywhere
    • Strateegos --------------- Michigan ---------------- Anywhere
    • Tab Studio ---------------- Largo, FL --------------- Anywhere
    • Valloa ---------------------- AL, USA ----------------- Anywhere
    • Wiccanpony -------------- San Diego, CA --------- Anywhere
    • Zora ------------------------ Portland, Oregon ------ Anywhere

    If there is an * in front of your name I need to know if you are in this round by June 28.

    I will post the list of who sends to who on June 29, unless life gets in the way. :D;)

    Cheers - mark

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    i think i said this during ME3. but i will say it again. count me out of this one. i dont have time. i will be back for #5 tho hopefully

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    I\'m ready and willing. I\'ll ship anywhere also...

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    I\'m in again. And, again, despite my best efforts, I\'ll end up posting my selections to my exchange buddy late.... it\'s a curse.

    Oh yeah.. I\'ll ship anywhere again, this time, too.... and late. It\'s still a curse.

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    I could use some further explanation as to what the perticulars are, but, it sounds fun. Count me in.

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    Originally posted by provoke_me
    count me out of this one.

    \"Yeah I guess we can just count you out of everything, Hudson.\"
    \"That\'s right, man.\"

    I\'m in. When it comes to minis, \"I only need to know one thing: where they are.\" :)

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    due to my profound inability to finish my previous 2 exchanges, I may take the time to work on those minis rather than take part in this one...hopefully I\'ll be good and ready to go by #5 :)

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    Count Me in Please

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    I\'m back in for this one too and hopefully I\'ll be able to get the last exchange mini\'s done soon. I don\'t mind shipping to anywhere.

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    You can count me in to send something but not to paint. I still haven\'t finished n°2 and 3 :(.

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    I have a BIG dragon I\'d be willing to offer.

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    I\'m in, too.
    Shipping preferably to somewhere in Europe.

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    Hi, count me in for this one. I don\'t care where I have to ship too.


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    Congrats I am feeling sure you will be just grand on this
    Count me in and will ship anywhere I owe for the booty Joshua sent me :D

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    I\'m in, and will ship anywhere.

    @ Shawn: go read the first post of the other thread, \"Mini exchange #3\" to see what this is all about.

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    I\'m also in. I\'ll ship to anywhere.

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    I\'m in again and will ship anywhere.


    Assign Shawn to ship to me, I would love to receive that dragon he mentioned.


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