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Thread: Miniature Exchange #4 - Sign up!

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    I would be more than happy to do an exchange with pity if that would help.

    Let me know if I can help.


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    Well, I received my package from rex_lyver last week. This was my first chance to post.

    A while ago I read a thread about someone seeking advice for their first dragon to paint. In the thread someone mentioned McFarlane Dragons. I did some research and ended up collecting the entire first series from ebay. My original thought was to do repaints. When they arrived, I found them to be quite nice as they are. I have ben wrestling with whether I should attemt a repaint or not.

    Then I opened my package only to find the very McFarlane dragon I was considering doing a repaint on. It is already primed and I have started painting it.

    The picture here is of the original one in my collection and appears as it does out of the box.

    In addition to the wonderful dragon, I received a bunch of Star Wars figs, a nice succubus, a great dwarf and some sort of space marine (I\'m not real familiar with the sci fi stuff).

    Though generous, this is way more than I will get to paint for a while.

    Any body that knows anything about my tastes won\'t be surprised to hear that the dragon will be my first challenge, and I have already started.

    Thanks so much Rex. The dragon will be my first non-metal paint job.



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    Default @jahecker

    that\'s not a space marine, it\'s a sister of battle, also from 40k.....sort of like a female space marine without all the implants and super strength and stuff like that

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    I just PM\'d Wargriffon.
    Whichever way you guys decided, I would be happy to be included.

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    Is Wargriffon sending to you, or receiving? Whichever, I\'ll be a third if you guys want to do a menage le\' toi (sp?). lol

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    Originally posted by jimbob1066e

    Well your welcome to join us at the \"Slowest Painter on the Planet\" Awards show. So now we number Equus, Drak Farstrider, Grumb and myself.... :D
    Well Im not the the slowest painter but Ill have to wait till Mid september to start my minis. I recieved a comition to paint 40 figs for a new Warhammer Anients book. Transilvanians! Plus I still have two Warmachine figs to finish for my LGS. :(

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    Ok, then you can be an honorary member! lol.

    So I checked the delievery confirmation on the figures I sent, and they were delieverd 10 days ago! Still no response from angus, so I hope all is well, and he is just busy. Either that or the figures I sent were just that bad - hahahhah. I tried to include one from each of the last four decades :D. Edit - he got in touch with me! All is well!

    As to the figures I am painting... I cleaned them all now, and continue on the vic haley (skin is done - woo hoo, of course there is only like 2 mm of skin on the whole model, but hey \"the skin is done\" sounds so much better).

    peace :D

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    Phil (Rev) the miniatures popped in here yesterday.

    Nice selection of miniatures and definitly different from my norm but I\'m quite keen on a couple of them. I would post pictures here but one of them I\'m debating getting painted up real quick for the Total Testosterone contest. We\'ll see if I have the time.

    Thanks, and appreciate it.

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    Shawn R.L.\'s minis came in today!

    Some really great stuff! I will make sure to take pictures asap! i got a Iron Wind Metals Dragon, an Anubis (sp?) a great piece of turrain, a warmachine and other resin machine robot types. WAY COOL STUFF!

    thanks shawn! cant wait to start painting!

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    Originally posted by MarkusTay
    Is Wargriffon sending to you, or receiving? Whichever, I\'ll be a third if you guys want to do a menage le\' toi (sp?). lol
    I think sending,so if you want to pm and send to him and I can send to you.Pm him and ask. Then tell me whom am I sending too=)

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    I\'ll let you know, I haven\'t heard from WarGriffon yet.

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    Goty some awesome minis from Ralfmetal today, thanks a lot mate, shall keep yopu all updated as I go.


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    I have received today a package from Australia with three really nice minis, two Dark Age Forsaken (Warwind and Coil) and an old GW Necromunda Beastmaster.

    Thank you Trevor, I really like also the stamps with a couple of beatiful views of Australia :)


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    Can I still sign up

    This is my first post, I know, but I\'m vissiting the forum often.

    Please let me know if I still can, I live in the Netherlands, Heerlen.

    If I can still sign up, what do I have to do? Paint minis I recieve from another, right? And I send minis of MYSELF to another so he will paint them for ME. And I\'ll get them back of course?

    So you don\'t BUY and paint for someone else, you RECIEVE, paint en send him back his minis, right?

    Please let me know, I sticked at page 3 from 14 in this topic

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    Hi TML,
    Welcome to the forums.

    No, you don\'t get your minis back.
    You pick some minis that you have laying about, and think someone else may be able to do something with (though some people go out and buy new stuff just for this exciting exchange), and send it to them to paint. They paint them, display what they\'ve done here (hopefully), and keep them.
    By the same token, another person sends a mini (or some minis) to you, and you paint it, display it, and keep it.

    It\'s great fun.

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    Ah, okay, like that!

    So you just send something to someone, and you can see what he made of it! And you just wait for someone else to send you some minis (not knowing which one) and show him/her what you made of it in the end!

    Thanks for explaining me, sounds like great fun indeed!

    Could you please tell me if I can still sign up, cause I would like to!

    The second post in this topic says that the list of who is going to send what to who will be posted 24 Juli, and it isn\'t yet, so is it still posible? :cool:

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    Cheers FF! Glad everything arrived. So, with the TT competition in mind, will you probably be painting the 3-legged hippo mutant that carries a sling and pea-shooter? Aggressive piece that one lol

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    I was thinking more along the lines of the transvestite that could affectionately be known as \'tri-pod\'.

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    Hey TML,

    I will do a direct trade with you to get you involved. You send something to me and I will send something to you. PM me with your address info and I will respond with mine. Welcome to the Mini Exchange!


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    I just got back from holiday in the US yesterday and only checked in with CMON just now so I was a bit ???? when I read of people already having received their Exchange #4 figures elsewhere, sorry, sucky timing or what?!

    Did I get skipped over or are things still in play?


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