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    OK, a friend of mine has requested a mermaid mini. I see from searching CMON that Lance and Laser have one, but it is a piss-poor sculpt IMO. IPM\'s Chick Challenge mini is from Pegaso but it is 54 mm which is bigger than my preferred scale (and a google search suggests it is quite expensive).

    Any ideas?

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    thunderbolt mountain has a diorama of one, you could just choose.

    If you like it becca has it and would be more than happy to trade for it...

    IPM\'s Pegaso is 80mm by the way :)

    its called Sea Changes

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    Eastern Front also does a mermaid figure. The War Store in the US carries them, or if it strikes your fancy more than the Thunderbolt one, poke me in PMs. I have a spare one. Off the top of my head I can\'t think of any other companies that have ones still in production. :(

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    OK, thanks all, I think I will go with Valloa\'s suggestion.

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    Lance and Laser (available at discout hobby) does a couple.

    I really like Mermaid Ludoch
    but unfortunately she\'s 50mm.

    They also do
    a 25mm mermaid
    but she\'s not as pretty.

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    I know you already said you chose, but here\'s another option from my favourites list, anyway...

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