London Explosions
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    Default London Explosions

    Hoping everyone and their friends and family in London are safe and sound...


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    Luckily I am at home can\'t do anything at the moment. Unfortunately the mobile phone networks have been switched off, so can\'t contact any friends.


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    I got some really bad flashbacks from 9/11 when I sat here at work and heard the first reports from there. It was the same situation then, the first reports describing an accident and then more and more information came in that made it more and more clear that it was a terror attack.

    I hope everyone from here in London are safe. My thoughts are with you!

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    pleeeeeeeaaaaasssseeeeeeee stay safe.

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    This is worrysome; a friend of mine was travelling to London from Glasgow this morning.

    Good to see you\'re ok, Shaz. :)

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    I\'ve promised several people I won\'t go out anywhere.

    I\'ve heard from Tammy and she is safe and sound - so we don\'t need to worry about her at the moment.

    Is there anyone else from this little community who lives in London?


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    @Modderhu - is he going to Gatwick? If so the Gatwick express trains aren\'t running, so he may have problems getting out of hte airport

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    Well, aparrently Al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility. Here\'s a link (In german)

    I\'m very angry about this whole thing. I simply can not understand why anyone would blow anyone else up. I hope the responsible parties are caught and punished.

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    @Shaz - I believe he was going by train, Shaz, which I expect would mean King\'s Cross...

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    Well he won\'t be going there. Its an extremely long journey by train.

    Glasgow trains can go to Euston as well - but I am presuming they aren\'t allowing trains through to be honest. If he has a mobile you can try ringing him - but the networks are well and truly overloaded at the moment.


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    That\'s what I\'m hoping, Shaz, that he would not have arrived yet. But it\'s only about four, maybe five, hour\'s travelling, not? I don\'t have his mobile number, unfortunately. Frank is visiting his daughter in London for a few days, and will probably not be checking email either.

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    Wow. This really sucks :( I\'m crossing my fingers for all CMONers in London, and your friends and family - and the rest of London too of course! Hopefully the early reports of fairly limited casualties are true... this is all a little too familiar.

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    @ Modderhu - Its about 5 - 5 1/2 hours on a fast train. If its a stopping service it can be up to 8 hours.

    It\'s most likely the train has been stopped elsewhere, or he is sitting on a train outside a station.


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    It\'s horrible, sad and depressing.
    I hope everyone is OK.

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    @ Shaz - Yeah, you\'re most likely right, Shaz. Initial concern got the better of me.

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    I\'m not a regular poster on here but luckily enough myself and all my other painting friends from London are ok.

    Had some worry about my Grandad who was in Kings Cross station this morning but he is ok.

    My best wishes go out to all those people in London and my thanks to the well wishers here from all around the world. Your support is very much appreciated,

    Rufio xx

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    Default Sorry to hear about this, Londonites

    As a NewYorker I can honestly say I know how you feel. :(

    My heart goes out to everyone in England/Great Britain, and I hope everyone\'s freinds and family are safe.

    Just some food for thought: Does anyone think this is related to London hosting the Olympics?

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    London winning the olympic bid was quite a surprise so unless the terrorists were somehow in the know it\'s probably unrelated.

    Looks like it\'s simply been carried out to cause terror in London and as a show of power before the G8 summit.

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    Nah, I doubt it\'s got anything to do with the Olympics. More likely the G8. With all the police devoting time and energy to the G8, security elsewhere suffers... and terrorists will make hay while the sun shines, and hit the people whilst the real targets are elsewhere... under protection.

    The only fault of the Londoners being they had no better candidate than Blair.

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    If Al Qaeda had the ability to act in this way on 12 hours planning there would be a lot more attacks happening. Good luck to anyone caught up in this. Your city is probably one of the best prepared in terms of response, so much practice with the IRA. Hopefully that saves a few lives.

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