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    Thank the lord :D
    Gotta love artists.... so chilled out, so caring.

    Love you all!

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    Well as yet the source of the attack is unconfirmed so don\'t worry about the islamic bashing theory.

    A true muslim wouldn\'t have done what happened today anyway.

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    These bombs and the people who planted them (or blew themselves up)have bugger all to do with Islam in it\'s truest sense, so let\'s not tar people with their brush.

    The British are used to these sort of attacks, with memories of many IRA bombings still reasonably fresh. The worrying thing about these attacks is that they WERE amateurish. Let\'s hope they never get their shit together and let loose some chem/nuke/bio weapon in the centre of London (or any other city...).

    33 dead and counting...

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    I am, at this moment, at work in a college in the east end of London and expect to get hope sometime very late tonight as the whole of London\'s traffic infrastucture (and the surrounding areas)has ground to a halt.

    This incident has had a bigger effect than the blitz - in that the City has ceased to function and everyone has been effected to some extent - by a relatively small effort on the part of the terrorists.

    Finn is right that it will do nothing but harden our resolve but probably over confident in thinking there won\'t be retaliation.

    The college I work at is multi-ethnic in it\'s student population and we have a very large number of Muslims in the general area - we have already seen that the response to 9/11 was pretty bad for them here so I don\'t hold out much hope that there won\'t be some \"incidents\". If there are it will play directly into the terrorists hands by providing ready recruits to their cause!

    A very sad day indeed!

    Anyway I\'m going home and will log on again when I get there.

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    nasty business, fortunatly my brother, father, and all my clubbing mates are o.k. however 33 people are not.
    My thoughts are with your families.

    *edit* i dont think that my sig is apropriate on this thread so i\'m getting rid of it for a while

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    hey just woundering what happened? i saw airhead\'s msn mentioning something about his english friends.. now i see this... still in the dark on the matter tho... all i can figure out is somehting got blown up?

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    @ Wolf_Fang - Four (?) bombs went off in London\'s mass transit system this morning. :(

    Best wishes to all of the folks over there. Glad to hear people are safe!

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    My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone. Remember the whole point in these attacks is to strike fear and terror in the hearts of good people. Please continue on in your lives as you would, knowing that being consumed with fear allows these evil people to win. Again my best wishes are with all here.

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    well my thoughts are with you all... as braveheart said tho continue as normal... just be a little cautios next few days and be safe.

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    Have no fear, the resolve of Britain as a whole has been tried on numerous times in the past and our attackers have always been found wanting, together we will stand tall, we have no intention of letting these terrorists win.

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    This is a very sad day indeed, and it is a huge contrast from the celebrations of yesterday...

    But it\'s good to know everyone cares on this forum, even if you don\'t live in the UK, you\'re all good people :)

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    My condolences too all affected by this act of terrorism.

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    Message original : Spacemunkie
    The British are used to these sort of attacks, with memories of many IRA bombings still reasonably fresh.
    Most european countries are used to these sort of attacks, but I don\'t find this thought very conforting. I\'m afraid that given the usual objectives of terrorists, somehow they always win one way or the other, except if they are caught and put into jail before they act.

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    My, and my wife\'s, thoughts are with everyone in London, as well.

    Umm.. P.M. Tony Blair... when addressing such a situation... condolences first, assurance that public transit service will resume second... priorities...

    Or was he trying to demonstrate british stoicism?

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    Just woke up. I havent heard alot of details yet, but enough to know it\'s bad...........I\'m so sorry for all those affected.:(

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    Has anyone heard from Mike (DragonsReach)? Doesn\'t he live in the area?

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    I have just reached a \'piuter and checked the CMON forum, I\'m happy to see that all the londoneeds painters are safe.

    It\'s a very sad day... :(


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    Originally posted by Rodnik
    Has anyone heard from Mike (DragonsReach)? Doesn\'t he live in the area?
    I thought he lived in Bolton, but I have no idea of the geography...

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    My condolences and prayers for all the UK.

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    According to a statement from those claiming responsibility (the Secret Organisation Group of al-Qaeda of Jihad Organisation in Europe) the attacks are revenge for the \"massacres\" Britain is committing in Iraq and Afghanistan and our country is now \"burning with fear and panic\"

    How these people (although they are clearly more animal than human) can believe that murdering innocent people, who have nothing to do with the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, is in any way more justified than the supposed atrocities being committed in those countries is beyond me. They must feel so righteous committing exactly the same kind of acts that they claim have fuelled their attack.

    In the grand scheme of things though this attack is just a drop in the ocean. Obviously it won’t feel like this to the unfortunates who have been injured or lost loved ones and all my best goes out to them, but England certainly isn’t burning with fear and panic. As others have said in this thread, we’ve survived much worse threats than a few murdering extremists in the past, and we will continue to do so. If anything we’re burning with anger and a resolve that the \"righteous freedom fighters\" behind the attack should be tracked down.

    I have no doubt that our very own extremist groups like the BNP are feeling the anger too, and will unfortunately vent it in the only way their miniscule brains can comprehend - by punishing innocent Muslims who actually have genuine religious beliefs.

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