which is your favourite group and song?
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Thread: which is your favourite group and song?

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    Default which is your favourite group and song?

    All right, I know this isn\'t the funniest subject to discuss, but i agree with Supervike about the heavy threads lately. I guess I\'ll start with my favourite, Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark :]

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    Too much good stuff! It\'s like having to pick your favourite child....!

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    This is easy! Pink Floyd\'s Comfertably Numb from the Wall.

    Fear fo the Dark is a great song.

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    the Pixies - Hang Wire

    BUY THE CD!lol

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    Really hard to say... Picking one is a nightmare because it all depends on what mood I\'m in, and I also tend to go for albums over individual tunes. I’m also not a big ‘group’ fan in the strictest sense of the word, which makes it even harder.

    Depeche Mode did the business with Violator and it still sounds ambitious now. The same is true for Massive Attack with Blue Lines and Mezanine. Leftism by Leftfield is also fantastic.

    It’s hard to pick out personal favourites though because the style of mucic I’m into is a bit more about the mood created throughout the whole album, and although there are tunes that sound great in isolation, they sound better amongst the others (hope that makes sense!).

    If I could only take one tune to a desert island though I think I can get it down to two tunes. Sabotage by the Beastie Boys (although that could be because I’m associating it with the video) and a tune I wouldn’t imagine many people know called Dangspot by Plaid (although that could be because of associations way too long to get into!).

    As for favourite group, I’d have to go for the Travelling Wilburys. The combination of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lyne can hardly be sniffed at can it? Listening to their stuff, you can just hear the musical genius, class and experiences they’ve been through in every word and note. Comparing Orbison crooning out ‘I’m so tired of being lonely, I still have some love to give. Won’t you show me that you really care’ to the ‘I wanna make love to till ya holla out bitch’ nature of music nowadays, it makes me sad.

    Why can I never answer a simple question with a simple answer? :rolleyes:

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    So-kay Jambot, it was a well thought out and articulate answer! :D

    Favorite group is easy, has to be Rush since I own every one of their albums. Favorite song is much harder, there are too many good ones to choose from, and I find that which song I prefer changes as I grow (read age). It was \'Tom Sawyer\' for a long time when I was young, then in my thirties it switched to songs like \'Free Will\', but I was feeling introspective last week as my 40th B-day approached, and I found that the song \'Time Stand Still\' struck a storng resonance with me at that time......

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    If I answered this thread fully I would be accused of flooding the forums.....

    So just two of my favorite songs:

    \"Affirmation\"..........Savage Garden
    \"Bonny Portmore\"..........Loreena McKennitt


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    Default too many...

    just a few, off the top of me head.

    classic stuff...

    Queen.....any song
    Queensryche....any song
    Led Zeppelin....any
    Iron Maiden....Run to the Hills...The Trooper..many others.

    newer stuff...

    Third Eye Blind....any

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    Yes, variety is the spice of life! One band and song is simply not an option. :P

    Let\'s see... I\'ll just narrow it down to my current top five bands.

    1. Into Eternity
    2. Nevermore
    3. Fear Factory
    4. Anthrax
    5. Iced Earth

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    I\'d say Dragonforce:

    -Black Winter Night
    -Black Fire
    -Evening Star
    -The Cry of the Brave
    -Heart of a Dragon

    and a lot more.....:D

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    Like most others, I have no single favourite song or group. I have no favourite style or genre. Led Zeppelin to Ceredwen, The Cure to Kate Bush, Dervish to Acoustic Alchemy. Blackmore\'s Night to Mike Oldfield. If I go by stats, it\'s Andreas Vollenweider - I have all of his albums.

    Saying what I tend to dislike is much easier; R&B, soul, hip-hop, rap. I\'ll give them a try, but it had better be bloody good for me to enjoy it.

    Also easier, is what piece of music has meant the most to me. The 3rd movement of Brahm\'s 3rd symphony. Black\'s Sweetest Smile. Mario Winans\' I don\'t Wanna Know (:o)

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    I have three current favourites though like many others I could go on forever, but here they are

    Samson, Losing My Grip
    Rob Halford, Beyond the Realms of Death from the Live Insurrection Album,
    Iron Maiden, The Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner

    Like I said though I have many many songs by many artists from many albums that often become flavour of the month for a while and then I change my mind and start listening to others that take my fancy.

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    Default Too hard...

    At the moment...

    Yes - Tales from Topographic Oceans

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    pretty much any metallica or iron maiden. Yngwie Malmstein\'s stuff is sweet (did i spell that corretly?)

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    Stormtroopers of Death - Kill Yourself


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    @Jambo - Don\'t worry... i hear everybody\'s tryin\' ta d the Wilbury Twist;) (big Tom Petty fan... and the rest of the band too. Recently been back to the old Wildflowers CD and MAN i forgot how good that one from Petty is!)

    ELO\'s pretty cool... i like all the old 80\'s computer jokeslol

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    Peter Gabriel \'In your eyes\' and \'Mercy Street\'/Album \'So\'

    Rhapsody in Blue for the opposite end of the spectrum

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