Good leather colour with Vallejo Model Colours ?
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Thread: Good leather colour with Vallejo Model Colours ?

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    Default Good leather colour with Vallejo Model Colours ?

    Hi all,

    I\'m trying to find a good combination of VMC colours to achieve a realistic leather for boots, straps, quivers etc.

    What are some good combinations that people out there have found successful ?



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    I have recently been playing with VMC smoke after a basecoat of cork brown and I think I gives a good effect. Keep the smoke thin so that you can darken the cork as you need. Highlight with cork brown and white mix.

    Hope this helps,

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    Vallejo has a leather but it tends to the green side of things but with the smoke mentioned above the combo seems to work, also,they have a red leather that is cool bit harder to work with tends to pull off if not dry, but the smoke to follow is also a great look, really smoke is the bomb for me it works in so many ways. I hope that helps though I am not that good, I do like the leather stuff.
    EDIT Welcome to the forums you will find many to help you here, and some to just amuse.

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    saddle brown is good
    Cavalry brown is good for a redish leather.
    Check out the \"horse colors\" set for good brown selections.

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