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    I am pretty new, and am experimenting heavily with brands of paints for use on mini\'s.

    I started out with various Craft quality brands like Apple Barrel, Folk Art, etc. That I picked up at Walm-mart and Michaels. I offset this with some nice paints from Michaels, Golden Acrylics. Then I bought the Games Workshop Mega Paint kit. Then I ordered a few paints from Reaper, and some more Golden Acrylics Fluid Acrylics to try as well. I just put in an order for some of the new Vallejo Games Series paints after seeing that many of you use this brand.

    Now on Inks- I have the GW ones that came in the paint kit, some Speedball brand ones (Metallic gold and Silver Inks), some Winsor & Newton Inks, a couple of Reaper Ink pots, and a couple of off-brand artists acrylic based inks.

    So my question is... has anyone else out there really experimented with the different brands side by side? What are your opinions if so? I just keep seeing that most people seem to start with the Folk Art level paints, move to Games Workshop, then on to Vallejo. And most seem to use either Games Workshop, or Vallejo. Anyone try using the Golden Fluid Acrylics?

    And what about inks? Anybody try out a lot of different Brands and have any words of wisdom?

    I am just starting into the hobby, and have figmentia already (thanks to that obsessive-compulsive side of my personality), and am stocking up my \"mini painting studio.\" So, I am trying to decide one brand to go with for the majority of my items.

    Already I can tell there are some really awesome products out there with each company.

    here are my thoughts so far:

    Reaper- nice colored metalics (Blue Steel, Purple Steel, etc.)
    GW- Great paints overall and really nice metallics, but pricey, and what the **** is up with this container design, and the Mega Paint set trays, keeping them laying cantered at about 45 degrees!!
    Craft Store level- EEK!! Paint peels, doesn\'t stick well, comes out looking clumpy and sloppy, thined washes have little color to them due to lack of pigment. Good for terrain, on a large scale and let\'s leave them to that.
    Golden Acrylics- These may end up my choice. Cheaper per oz. than GW, great colors and intensity, good company, knows the paint business. And some wonderfully cool paints. Interference paints, Micaceous Iron Oxides (metal bits), STainless steel paint with metal bits, great metalics... This could end up my prefered paint brand. Containers are flip tops.

    as to the Inks- I have yet to try them all out.

    But the GW inks are nice, Winsor and Newton seem fine, and those Speedball inks have colors a little different that may come in handy. a Sour apple color green, sky blue, Met. Gold and Silver.

    I will post a better review from my experience in a few months when I get a few Vallejo bottles to play with, and more mini\'s to paint up.

    Anyone else do something like this or have words of wisdom on paint brands?


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    I\'ve not experimented too heavily in my time. I mostly use GW paint and inks, though will call it a day when the price goes up!

    Humbrol and Tamiya acrylics are too grainy for use on minis, though black is always perfectly smooth for some reason!

    Artists acrylic (Winsor & Newton etc) doesn\'t cover well and has terrible permanence.

    Foundry\'s paints are ok but they\'re really sticky and don\'t dry well.

    Artists inks don\'t take to the surface of the model quite as well as GW inks for some reason.

    I\'m going to try Game Craft, Coat d\'arms and maybe Vallejo.

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    I\'ve used liquitex acryllic tube paints, gw, vallejo, and coat d\'arms.
    The liquitex are good artist acrylics (Which is why I had them) but are very thick and need to be watered down a LOT.
    So far Vallejo is my favorite. The paints are thick but rick in pigment, have great bottles and come in tons of colors.
    The coat d\'arms seems comprable to GW in consistancy and pigment, but the pots are SOOO much better (and cheaper). They have flip tops. I like the GW inks, but that\'s really all I buy because I hate those horrible hex lids.

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    Default Variety

    I also use Liquitext a lot now though usually with a medium.

    Armory (US co.) were once my favorite; they don\'t make em now (sigh). They had great pearlescent colours and unusual metallics. Covered in one coat too but they dried up very quickly.

    Andrea do a range very similar to Vallejo but with better covering power, They\'re Spanish so may not be available in the US.

    Tamiya are too plasticky for my taste but their transparent colours rock: orange, yellow, blue and \'smoke\'. Great for everything from jewels to fangs. Worth checking out.

    Dr Martins do a very dense ink in unusual shades for illustrators which is great for washes. Rotring does some that require about one drop a gallon.

    My motto is: try everything. I\'ve known great effects done with stuff like nail varnish and house paint. The bargain bin in art shops is usually the first place I head for.

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    Damn Shadbow! You must spend alot on paint. I actually only have 38 paints right now, most of them old GW paints in the hex pots. In reality I prefer the limited pallet and only use around 25 of them. Obviously I do alot of color mixing. Anyway, I have used GW, Coat d\'Arms, Armory, Tamiya and a couple others. I have to say that the old GWs and Coat d\'Arms, probably because they are the same formula, are the best of those. Tamiya is very gooey and Armory was kind of chunky.
    I\'m interested in trying Vallejo, but I\'m putting it off for a while. If I find the desire to try using the pallet associated with French gamesday winners I\'ll definitily need to stock up.

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    i use mostly GW paints and ral partha for the OD green i hardly use inks and if i do i use GW

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