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Thread: Thinning recipes ???

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    Default Thinning recipes ???

    Wanted to find out peoples recipes they use for thinning paints. Of course there\'s water, but I\'ve also got Liqutex Slo-Dri and Antlier flow extender.

    What combinations do people use, what percentage of each do people find work well ?

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    WATER! With a little Vallejo Glaze Medium in occasionally.

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    I use FFF/water 4/1 as a flow enhancer.
    Then (gained from Klute\'s skin class) for painting I use equal parts water and paint plus one drop of the flow enhancer.

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    You know this might be my problem.

    I use water ... with a twist (actually probably a little less than the droplet cause by twisting a lemon slice) of dishwashing soap. (relax it\'s polmolive ;) ) Whether or not it helps my painting I can\'t say but none of my minis ever complained of not having soft hands.

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    WATER! :)

    I\'ve never found a use for any of that other stuff...and it all tastes bad :|~

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    I use water and vallejo drying retarder. All of those other formulas are just too much of a hastle for me.

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    My formula\'s a bit different from the above.

    First, I take two hydrogen molecules, and I jam them together with a single oxygen molecule. I do this 450 billion times to produce sufficient ... water.. oh... wait... it isn\'t different.

    I tried the soap thing, too, but Ivory just takes way too long to dissolve in paint. Plus, without a good rinse, it leaves a film.

    And with a rinse, it leaves the mini lacking in colour all over again.

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