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    Default up to a point

    You are right up to a point as long as the work at least somewhat justifies the price.
    Pictures are a huge deal,always. Sometimes the pictures don\'t do justice to mini,esp if they are small with no enlarge option - the buyer can\'t see the details.

    The point of the starting price is not to get robbed.I am sure very few painters walk away from a sale patting their pockets and smiling like a \"Cheshire Cat\", at least I am not one of them.
    Unless I am using the reserve, I want the starting price to reflect the lowest price I am willing to let a mini go without feeling insulted/cheap/used??? I see this a lot on larger GW figs,happened to me too when I started : low starting price,the ending price just barely covers the Unapainted figure,all that effort just to end up before you started.
    That\'s my $.10,hope that helped.

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    Yeah no kidding. Archaon is in the $30 range just for the metal. If you start low with something like that it is easy to get hosed.

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    Default You paint it, and they will come..

    I\'ve just joined the CMON community this last week and this thread was certainly the most interesting thing apart from the array of miniature painting talent. Although largely because I have seen my work posted by other users.

    I\'m flattered, but I rather my name next to it in the end. lol

    With regard to placing a price, I fully believe you put the lowest you will accept for your work. The Buy It Now feature is a handy thing and I have made quite a decent sidebar of work from this. I paint to 70-80% of my personal best and aim to complete my piece inside of 2 hours. Anymore and I am losing money. I certainly approach more as a business than showcasing my talent. My Ebay feedback certainly says I\'m doing something right.

    Overall, study your market, know your margins and create for the demand, but be very quick when producing.


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    I have been watching the painted figures on Ebay for the last two years. I have noticed a few trends:

    * Heroes and Player-character worthy figurines sell for the most money

    * The newest releases sell very well within the first 2-4 weeks of release- even if the paint job isn\'t that great

    * Monsters & special units usually do not sell for much over retail unless it is a brand new release.

    * Squads are usually lucky to sell for $10/figure...

    * Your name recognition on Ebay goes a long way toward getting the dough- You could be the next Haley or Verzani but if nobody has ever seen your work on there before, chances are you aren\'t going to sell the piece for as much as you think it is worth

    Just my 2 cents...

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    I can\'t but agree with what you guys said here :
    we need money for value :).

    I have been auctionning minis for 2 years now and watch the prices of the best ones on E-bay all the time...
    My first minis went aroud 15$ (6-7 rated on cmon) and now my selling base is 50-60$ for (7.8-8.6 ratings )

    I think that my latest prices are the minimun that one should get for a descent mini... but well reallity is different !

    Here are my thought on how to get this \"minimum\" and how to go above it ! ;) :

    1 - think in terms of selling price/time spent : under 5$ you do it for pleasure and just cover your expenses !
    6-7 is a beginning a living, and what most of the bests mini get. 10 and above what you have to strive for...

    2 - never paint armies or squads if you are not fulltime or take more than 1hour per mini !
    Characters and monsters sell the best

    3 - paint the latest GW releases or their best of ! Rackham, reaper and other rare and gorgeous brands sell well if you rate 7 and above, whatever the model...

    4 - monsters can get you $$$ but most of the time the unpainted mini price is not worth the effort !

    5 - convert, minis and bases !!! even if it\'s just by switching heads or weapons : people will love to give good $$$ for a mini no one else owns !!!! (check prophet\'s minis)

    6 - never start at 1$ unleast you use reserve price or are named Haley or Verzani !!! if your model is not very fashionable for players/collectors you might get just one bid for it !!!!
    At the contrary start at the price you would ask for a comissioned work !!!! I your model is great you deserve the extra money and the customers are the only ones who can judge it !
    But BE REALLISTIC !, check Ebay or CMON succesfull auctions end prices and your own mini rating :)

    7 - Attend all the constests you can and be sure the results will be published on the Web...

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    Default \"pro\" painted?

    Someone at the beginning of this thread mentioned that they did a search on eBay with the words, \"pro painted\" and came up with generally low priced painted minis.

    The best way to check over eBay is to do a search with the words, \"Warhammer painted\" and cut out \"army\" and \"horde\". Then set your search to list from highest priced first. If you\'d like to see the best of the best on eBay, that\'s usually the fastest way to do it.

    I\'ve said it before, and I guess I\'ll say it again: \"Pro-painted\" in the title is generally a joke amongst veteran eBayers. Seriously, since when did you see a Haley, Vaitalla, or Verzani get listed as a \"pro-painted\" mini?

    As for units not going for as much, that\'s often the case, but not every time. We\'ve done fairly well with units in the past (\"we\" being Sorcerer Studios), and they\'ve often led to some lucrative follow-up contracts. I can\'t disagree that most people purchasing units are looking for deals, but you can really showcase some beautiful work in a unit.

    Kelly Kim
    Sorcerer Studios

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    \" I agree on letting the mini speak for itself but not about having \"credentials\" proven. Not everyone can make it to GD or lucky enough to be published. \"

    White Dwarf has to be one of the biggest chalk ups out there for \'pro painters\'. White Dwarf was basicaly cast in stone as the spot for thee best painted figs. You can thank \'eavy metal and mike mcvey for that.

    Alot of the exposure now though is in the Golden Demon\'s annual articles. That is the showcase people wait for. If you can get in on that then you have a solid backing to being a good painter. Winning local GW comps and local store comps is nice but without that grandeur exposure from GW it just isnt the same as being plopped in a shiney full color magazine.

    Just recently I spent over 20 hours on my entry for the national LOTR two towers comp for here in Canada. I took 1st at the local GW and my fig is now on to the nationals. I know I can get a bit for the fig on ebay by itself, but I know all the better if that fig makes the national winner and is thrown in White Dwarf it will probably fetch a great deal more.

    If you can become revered then you can get more. People will put trust more in a person that others put trust in , which in this case alot of that comes from GW praise. Cmon also helps in that by having judging and comments sections. Its great and in about 4 years of playing the online painting \'game\' I\'ve learned the best way to get known is to throw out pics in as many galleries as you can and have them linked back to your own page.

    Paint, try hard and dont stop when you see others going faster. Your efforts will always prevail because in all thats logic, time is money !

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    Default Some info form both a buyer and seller

    I think it\'s been posted before but one of the biggest deterrents from buying painted mini\'s online is the fact that too many people list minis as pro-painted so if you get a mini that\'s nowhere near the level you expected (in other words NOT PRO-PAINTED), you tend to be skeptical about listings. One thing I personally do is check if a a supposed pro painter has previously sold minis and what others have said about his work with their feedback.

    The second reason, I would say most people don\'t get what they should be getting is the lack of pictures or quality of those pictures. I know we\'ve all seen a picture of an item, that to say the least looks unworthy of being called pro-painted, but shortly after a camera is bought and you see an item certainly worth paying big $$ for.

    Now, I hope you don\'t hold this against me, but I gotta admit I go on EBay primarily looking for deals. I\'m not rich so i try to get good deals. I guess most people do the same, now please understand I trully respect all painters and value your work and effort (particularly because I\'m not at the level of many people who regularly post on this site). So when I see an item sell for a hefty price I just wish I had the money to spend $60, $70, $100, $300 for a mini. Anyway nothing here you probably didn\'t know but to summarize it\'s all about your reputation.

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    I agree to the fact, that to earn serious prices, you need patience.

    I went on for about 6 months to throw of pics, work 6 write in forums related to painting and then I declared that I am taking comissions.
    Now there is some painted stuff, rolling out over ebay.
    At the first day I said that I´d do comission work there were three guys asking for service.

    I am not that good. Definetley. (ranked around 300) But I work a clean and different way, contrary to GW.
    Never ever washing !

    For the prices:
    I´m not sure about the cmon rating.
    Since a single 40K mini was rated 4.4 here with about over 200 votes when I took it of the list. Actual price on ebay is at 30.50€ which shopuld be about 32-34$.

    Strange, eh.
    (BTW: it is the old Ragnar model, nothing new.)

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    Lord Humungous


    I just recently sold a painted mini of Karandras for $76. I had previously tried selling my Maugan Ra display piece, listing it twice with no success. I guess, though, from what other people have said here, I have done pretty well for myself, seeing as I have not made a name for myself.

    One problem, however, is that I spend a lot of time painting a miniature. Most of that time isn\'t actually spent applying paint to the miniature; it\'s spent thinking about what I\'m gonna do next. I suppose if I were to speed up that process, or paint multiples of the same miniature, I could definitely get a better price/time ratio for my work. I doubt that this would ever make enough to quit my day job over, but I hope to at least have my hobby pay for itself.

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