Painting Dragan d\'Orianthe
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Thread: Painting Dragan d\'Orianthe

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    Default Painting Dragan d\'Orianthe

    I would love some advice on maybe how rackam painted his armor or a really good looking armor color. I generally just use vallejo paints. Also a very good and bright red or blue for his cape.

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    Welcome PolskaPrince! Hope you enjoy the madness! ^_^

    I\'m not familiar with the miniature you\'re talking about...well...not familiar with a lot of stuff. What colors are you thinking with the armor? Metallic or non-metallic metals? If you\'re looking for really vibrant bright colors, I find doing a wash with inks helps them really pop, though you have to be somewhat judicious with it. It can be overdone.

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    do you have a picture or a link to a picture of this mini?

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    Is it this guy?

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    yes that\'s the one

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