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    Default Ooooooooo new forum :)

    er... yeah... um... I used to roleplay, still do larp occasionally, er....

    yeah I got nothing lol

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    So what type of LARP do you play Trevor?

    I have always thought the word LARP would be the sound one would hear when the mighty Cthulhu sucked your brains out. lol

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    Vampire LARPs, although I did do monstering for a weekend long fantasy LARP once.

    I have to say that it was much easier to get the right ambience in the St Andrews Scotland LARP with its ruined castle and cathedral and other old buildings and long dark nights than it is in sunny sydney lol

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    I have never done a LARP before. It might be fun but then again every person that I have ever know that does LARP was 1 step away from being certifiable. :D

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    I\'ve never done a LARP either. I have one on my schedule for Gen Con next week. I\'m hoping it will be fun.

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    I think I\'m in a LARP right now....This one lady keeps acting like my boss, so I pretend to listen.

    Then there are several others, just milling around acting ignorant, they are really committed.

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    Can\'t we take some sort of Saving Throw??

    Wheres that damn DM when we need him!!!lollol

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    Originally posted by Trevor
    er... yeah... um... I used to roleplay, still do larp occasionally, er....
    Who is this Larp, and is she good looking? ;)


    @Drake - I\'m gonna need a lvl 10 savings throw against your Common sense... oh... wait a sec... :D

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