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Thread: Closest thing to single player D&D

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    Default Closest thing to single player D&D

    would have to be NetHack:

    It\'s super deep with a steep learning curve, but definitel worth it. i\'ve been playing for over 3 years and have never beaten it!

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    I may have to check that out later tonight. :D

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    <pathetic>I actually raised an elven fighter/thief to level 4/4 in 1st edition D&D alone in my room (grounded) when I was in high school using the random dungeon charts in the back of the DMG.</pathetic>:rolleyes:

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    I can see why you\'ve been chained to this forum

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    My earliest RPG experience was also solo, playng T&T (Tunnels and Trolls). They just revamped the system and re-released it, and it\'s designed with solo play in mind. Just follow that link to read about it; it\'s great for people that don\'t have the time for a formal gaming group.

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    Anybody catch The Order Of The Stick today? Rich is out at GenCon Indy, so guests are doing the comics and today\'s guy did a NetHack style comic!

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    Anyone ever play the Dungeon boardgame that TSR put out back in the day? Cool stuff, the kids and I break it out once in a while, but for those desperate for gaming, could be played solo too.

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    Default Dungeon

    Dungeon was a good game, all 6 or so iterations of it. I still have a couple of editions at home.

    Solo RP - first one I ever played was a Marvel Superheroes one called Against the Giants (I think) you played Thor and went around Asgard whacking trolls and other baddies.

    Closest to solo rp used to be the old Fighting Fantasy books by Steve Jackson and the Way of the Tiger books. Basically which way books where you rolled a character.

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