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    Default Need a good Wizard Miniature

    Hi all,

    I want to paint a minature for my Father to give to give to him on Fathers day. He is really into Wizards, he has a weird fasination in them so I wanted to get a good scuplt of one to paint.

    I\'ve got this one from Reaper (2913)

    but the more I look at him, the more I don\'t like the quality of the sculpt, but this is the sort of Wizard I\'m after...... Cloak, staff, long beard, maybe a little dragon or something.... It\'s what he likes.

    So, has anyone got any suggestions for alternatives ?



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    Well, after seeing this, I went scoping about a little, for other old wizard types..

    Check out these CMON image numbers.
    They\'re all Reaper.


    I\'m sure there\'s more, too.

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    Have a look at these two mini\'s from Reaper. They are some of my more favorite wizard sculpts. Both of them are sculpted by Sandra Garrity. And are priced extremely well.

    2700: Toxanimer, Wizard

    2888: Trathus Varr

    I hope these may help.


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    I had never seen those minis before. Very characterful sculpts. :D

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    I like this one:

    Too bad it\'s sold out at the CMON shop. :(

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    This group from Fenryll look like what you are after, if you don\'t mind resin figs.

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    Yup, i was going to suggest the same mini as Ritual. it was actually me who stole the last one CMoN had. Gotta say, it\'s an awesome mini and you can\'t beat the price with a stick.

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    This one from Freebooter is pretty nice:


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    Default Nicodemus

    The Mordheim Wizard is pretty good.

    Search CMON Images for Nicodemus.

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    Thanks for all your help guys. I especially liked the Masquerade Miniatures Freebooter wizard, but I don\'t think it would quite be what my father would like, but I might one day get it for myself.

    I think I\'m going to go with one of these

    I\'ll just have to go to my LHS and see what they have in as I don\'t think I\'ll have enough time to mail order one.


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