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    Default Official Rackham online store

    That\'s it !!!

    The Rackham team did open this morning an online store ! Have a look to :

    Very nice with both a french and english interface. Every reference you can imagine (even the newest); some are sold either with a french or an english card.
    and top of all, for most of the minis, you\'ve got a picture of the front AND of the BACK of it :o :P
    and you can even buy special editions formally reserved for mail order. Plus a free mini for your first order!

    But sadly, for the moment, they send orders only to France and countries of the European Union. But the administrator already told on the forums, that international shipping (esp. to USA) is to come very very soon....

    Goods news, no ? Keep an eye on it...

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    Default Thank goodness!

    Excellent, and thanks for posting! I\'m pretty darned tired of waiting for the backorders to come in...

    Which reminds me, should Rackham\'s new site launch be seen as a sign that NewWave and Fantacanneverremember will also get their supplies restocked?

    - Otter
    \"Never send a ferret to do a weasel\'s work\"

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    You beat me to it, Athanor. Rackham have indeed indicated they\'ll soon be posting to you all on the other side of the Pond. And I\'d daresay you\'ll very soon have an English version of the store...

    EDIT: Ooops! Silly me! There already IS an English version...:P

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    Oh man you can\'t be serious that France isn\'t shipping here? Wait you are... Must be because of the shcism regarding a certain country that ends with a Q... :P

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    Surely France wouldn\'t get all bolshy and stick the boot in to make life difficult for our pals across the pond!

    Then again...

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    I wondered when this type of thread would pop up.

    There is a lot of talk about \'boycotting\' french products here in the states.

    I have heard rumblings also of French folks banning \"American made\" stuff.

    I don\'t have an opinion either way on the matter, but it sure does remind one how even mini painters don\'t live in a bubble.
    It also reminds us how global the \"cool mini or not\" site is.

    Sorry I got a little off the real topic!

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    Default (nudging the discussion)

    Did you see some of those new devourers? And I\'m in love with the Corpsecollectors of Salaüel.

    (There\'s too much war BS everywhere else - To me, it\'s great than an international community with a shared interest can enjoy this site.)

    - Otter
    \"Never send a ferret to do a weasel\'s work)

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    Yup, I agree.

    And, unless there are officially sanctioned actions in one direction or the other, I think Rackham wouldn\'t miss the opportunity of the US market. They may be trimming the details of shipping over there, or building up stock, or whatever.

    I cannot be sure they WILL do it, but I do think so. Call it an educated guess...

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