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    Default down again

    ok whats goin on

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    Thor\'s throwing lightning bolts a certian family in Florida:(

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    By the way, sorry I wouldn\'t return that last time, my internet connection refused to work for some time - provider issue, I was online for too long.

    I hope we\'ll continue our quest next week?

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    no worries, Mosch, we quit after that anyway

    but, yes, our quest shall continue again next week!:flip:

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    Originally posted by Itchy
    Thor\'s throwing lightning bolts a certian family in Florida:(
    We got taken out by lightning shortly after getting started.

    I rebooted, started again, and when we got in the room again I may have given Thor the finger...:innocent:

    Later, it would seem he showed his disapproval and struck again.

    We tried again and had fun for a while before he struck again. Alas, he must have felt that I was not repentant enough, as he killed my \"game tree\", which is where the GM keeps all of the stats and such for the adventure.

    I want to say to the whole crew a huge thank you, for the fun time and mostly for being so patient and understanding. Ya\'ll were real troopers throughout the whole ordeal, and it is genuinely appreciated. :)

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    Default Love it!

    hey, no worries,\'s great fun....

    it\'s really made me want to start a li\'l group with Tiff and our roommate so we can keep playin\' after we\'re done here :Dlol

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    Hey, no problem at all Todd. Totally understand, and apart from giving the lightning god the finger... what could you really do?lol

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    Well, actually, TAB just shared a brilliant idea!

    We live in Florida...we have bad weather at times...which can include hurricanes...we spent top dollar on a generator...power problem solved!


    *re-issues finger to certain Asgardian*

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    It may not be a good idea to piss off all mighty Thor! :D

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    don\'t you guys watch Stargate?

    Thor\'s a cool dude! lol

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    Default related

    My cousin plays Thor (in Vancouver) so I guess that makes me a Demi-God...

    Oh, he also played M\'Zel later but I never saw those episodes so I have no idea who that was...

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