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    Hi, I was just thinking about maybe making some seperate categories for the 2nd CMON contest. As you all are aware, some members of this site are younger than others. I am only 15, so I was thinking about maybe a 16 and under category. Borg?


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    I wasn\'t certain there was anything to win - and given that assumption, does it matter if there was an age bracket? :)

    Philosophically I\'ve been leaning toward the output - the painted figure itself - being the measure of quality as opposed to the painter. Otherwise, arguably, you\'d have categories for \"Best Mini from a One Armed Painter\" or \"Best Mini from a Person of Jewish Ancestry\" or \"Best Painted Mini from a Blind Person\"

    I say let the mini, and only the mini, speak for itself . . . is that crazy?

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    OH! but to your point: age isn\'t really a factor - many of us picked up the brush late in life (not me, incedentally) so if I\'m forty and I\'ve only painted for one year, why should I be lumped in with the older group? Know what I mean?

    In other words, age already isn\'t a factor when it comes to quality, so why disriminate based on that?


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    Default Categories

    I think the only category that would make any sense is time painting, but even that is etherial.
    I mean I first picked up a brush 20 years ago. I painted plastic model cars. About 4 years later I moved to minis, but only for a few months. Off and on over the ensuing 15 years I painted occasionally. Then about a year ago I decided to go at it for real. So have I been painting for 20 years? 16 years? 1 year?

    To the assumption now:
    there was no real \"competition\" with the first mini except with yourself against the clock. Everyone got a prize. Since I don\'t have to pay for the next mini, entering the next round costs me nothing. I know this project is not to make money, but is that even sustainable? In this case I like the mini enough to buy more than one. I plan on combining with other stuff I\'ve been holding off ordering too, so in fact it has drummed up business. As much as I like the idea of getting free mini after free mini, I wonder if some sort of competition will become necessary.

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    Default Nay to the Category

    I have to agree that a category is not necessary since it is not a \"Contest\" in the true form. Ultimately, there may or may not be a prize, and sure, people vote and someone will be on top (unless folks post the wrong minis in the wrong categories), but it is not a Competition really.
    Making categories would just lose the \"showcase\" aspect that currently works for me! I love it. Kinda like a VIC style deal, you just get a mini for participating is all!

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