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    Well, don\'t know if this is the right forum or not - does WQ count as role playing?
    Anyway, after having this game sat in a cupboard gathering dust for years, we decided to give it a whirl last night. What fantastic fun! It helped that I had most of the minis painted up, and that the light in the room blew so we had to play by lamplight, creating a gloomy atmosphere, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of intrigue, unexpected happenings, treachery, but most of all, laughs.

    Useless post really. Just wanted to share. Can\'t share at work - I\'m already labelled a Games Workshop / LOTR geek! lol

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    Quest is one of the few GW games I\'ve never played, always looked great fun though.

    btw Logan, did you know copies of WQ go for a lot of money on ebay, mainly because it wasn\'t released for that long and has a lot of easy to lose parts

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    i love WHQ one of my faovourite GW games ever.
    Great fun and easy to play.
    some of the best stuff was in the town crier mag for it containing new rules and stuff.
    you just cant beat an Ogre adventurer :cool:

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    @lonewolf: Wasn\'t Town crier for Mordheim?

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    Originally posted by KingM
    @lonewolf: Wasn\'t Town crier for Mordheim?
    Yes, I think it was Deathblow that was for Quest. I\'ve still got a few of those that I\'ve never read - hmm, I see a pattern developing. They\'ll stand me in good stead in the future if I want to develop any adventures further I guess

    Originally posted by KingM

    btw Logan, did you know copies of WQ go for a lot of money on ebay, mainly because it wasn\'t released for that long and has a lot of easy to lose parts
    Didn\'t know that. Doubt I\'d sell it. Sure I\'d only regret it down the line. I\'ve two copies of MB\'s Heroquest though. Maybe I should stick one of those on.

    Whenever I want a boost, I just look up Talisman on ebay. It amazes me how much that goes for. I\'ve got the version that came with all the plastic minis, plus the Wizard\'s Tower and the dungeon/forest , city/mountains supplements. Got \'em ages ago in a bookstore in Leeds, brand new for a fiver a pop - Bargain!

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    Had like two copies of WQ...sold one for a rather decent amount of money. ^_^

    I still prefer Talisman though. :D

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    Default Talisman and more

    Talisman is stil my favourite classic GW. Have it all, including 90% of the lead minis that were released.

    And no I will not sell it to you!

    Better then Warhammer Quest - was Advanced Heroquest. That was an amazing game that could be just like an RPG. We did our fare share of rp while playing that. Only problem with that is that it had the Naked Dwarf Syndrome.

    Actually used to rp alot with Dark Future too and even a bit with Space Hulk. Now not true rp but you would name the characters, write up backgrounds, they had favourite sayings and such.

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