Whats the dumbest thing you have ever seen a player do during a game?
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Thread: Whats the dumbest thing you have ever seen a player do during a game?

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    Default Whats the dumbest thing you have ever seen a player do during a game?

    For me it was this situation. But 1st let me introduce the cast of charcaters.

    Heres the cast of characters:

    Balin Battlehammer: 9th lvl Fighter (mine) Had died twice.
    Kirra Battlehammer: 8th lvl Rogue/2nd lvl Fighter (mine) Balins twin sister. Died once.
    William: 10th lvl Fighter (best freinds) Died once. Had spent a period of time as a wight.
    Vai: 10th lvl Barbarian/Sorcerer (NPC) Died twice and was 3000+ years old.
    Bearcharmer: 10th lvl Ranger (NPC) Harper Scout, werebear.
    Barr: 6th lvl Dwarf fighter (npc, follower) Died once.

    So we were in this no win situation against insurmountable odds. Keep in mind this was a very powerful 9th-10th lvl party.

    Our Barbarian Shaman Vai, had just fallen, my Dwarf Fighters follower Barr, was gravely woundeded, Our ranger was on the run, towards us, completly naked btw, with more monsters on his tail. So Balin pulls out his portable hole hoping to throw everyone in it , then polymorph into something that can fly and escape to re-group, and fight another day.

    Seeing that Vai had just fallen Balin yells for William (16 INT) to remove Vai\'s bag of holding and throw Vai in the hole. Willaim decides it would be a better idea to throw Vai, who is 300+ lbs, to Balin, who is 15\' away on the otherside of the hole. Needless to say even after all the yelling to remove the Bag of holding, William throws Vai right into the portable hole. Kaboom! A rift to the astral plane is opened up, everything within 30\' feet had to make a saving throw, or be destroyed and is scattered across the planes, including 2 articacts that were in the hole.

    Needless to say Balin wanted to kill William. And I wanted to strangle my friend for not listening to me.

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    Four words...Deck of Many Things.

    Johnny was a 14th level Chaotic Neutral Elven Thief. His party had essentially founded a new town along the Sword coast, and he was the ruler of the Thieves\' Guild. One of the other PCs was a Dwarf Fighter and his followers were the town guard. Needless to say, we had an \"agreement\" not to screw each other over, but stay low-profile/look the other way, respectively.

    I can\'t remember how we got the deck, but when it came my turn, Johnny (despite horrified warnings of his teammates) says: \"I\'ll take three cards at once.\"

    First card: Balance. Changes his alignment to Lawful Neutral. (I figured this isn\'t a bad thing, as running a guild would take more structure than Johnny was capable of at the time)

    Second card: Donjon. He loses all of his possesions and his body gets warped to some unknown prison cell.

    Third card: The Void. Sucks his soul out of his body and off to an outer plane, to be held by who-knows-what.

    So, Johnny is screwed, right?

    Not if you end up taking over the campaign later because the DM is burnt-out and/or run all the other games...

    Johnny had a portable hole. So, I figured it went like this... His possesions get sucked through the astral plane, the portable hole goes nova, destroying everything around, including his soul and body. Tiny Johnny bits go streaming though space to...Mechanus, the outer plane of Lawful Neutrals.

    The powers that be there decide that it is fitting for an agent of chaos (Johnny had quite the reputation) to be punished as such:

    Each of his soul slivers was matched with a part of his body and formed into full-fledged Johnnys. These were dispatched throughout the multiverse, only to become united as the \"real\" Johnny when they were brought together.

    So there\'s a Johnny in Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Shadowrun, Star Wars, Earth, Rifts, you name a campaign, Johhny is there. Except the Forgotten Realms, where he came from, and where he belongs...:(

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    Oh you got to love those Deck of Many things. That is one way to level the playing field out.

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    okay, here\'s another one for you guys, same group.....I should problably give a li\'l background info, the group is:

    Magnus (Aasimar Paladin)
    Todar (Kender Rogue)
    Tiff\'s Half Elf Druid
    Sithtainius Caldsmir (Elf Fighter, my usual char/NPC)

    they got tossed into Ravenloft and wound up getting manipulated into working for a Wolfware and a Vampire, they uncover the vampire, kill him, and find out that the girl is a wolfware, and that they were both gonna eat the party.
    so they travel back to the Inn to meet with the wolfware and kill her, right?
    as they\'re travelling back and starting to formulate plans, the Pal decides that he needs to get to the bottom of it, and doesn\'t want to fight the wolfware, but try and ask her why she wants to eat them.
    to which Todar asks \"get to the bottom of what, her stomach?!?!?\" lol
    banter continues, party goes to sleep in another inn, and the player of Todar informs me that since he doesn\'t know what vampires are, and only what we told him when we discovered the other one, that he believes that the pal is charmed by the vamp and doesn\'t trust him. so while they\'re sharing the room at night, he takes all the pal\'s weapons except for the maul, he figured he just needed to get the pointy things away, if the pal went nuts he was quick enough to dodge the maul and puts them in his bag of holding.
    pal wakes up, finds his weapons missing and thinks they were robbed lollollol

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    a friend of mine made a big bad guy based on me. he was fat, and lazy, but somhow killed things...
    i thought that was pretty stupid.

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    Worst thing I\'ve seen one player do?..
    Turn up.

    Damn rules lawyer. Ruined the game.

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    That was a good one DR.lol

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    Ooo. I even have a recent tale for this one, instead of one from ancient gaming sessions. Several, really, but this one came to mind, first.

    I\'m the DM in this.
    Home-made world.

    J: Playing a level 9 wizard, Bellrose.
    S: Playing a level 8 ranger, Andrees
    K: Playing a level 8 cleric of Loviatar, Charisse
    A: Playing a level 8 fighter, Anuviel.

    A: (dealing with a blacksmith interrupted) When I hear the blast, I hurry outside and look around to see what\'s happened.

    K: I\'m already outside, so I just look.

    J: I follow the wizard school\'s headmaster wherever he goes.

    S: I stick with Bellrose.

    DM: Right, then. You, and everyone else around you, can see that the blast came from the tower of the school for mages. The smoke is rising from what is now, essentially, a pile of rubble. The whole thing\'s been demolished by the blast, along with several neighboring buildings.

    A+K: I\'ll help the city people with putting out fires.

    B: I stick with the head wizard.

    A: I stick with Bellrose.

    DM: The wizard leads the pair of you at a brisk jog through the streets toward the mess. When you get there, you can see the damage is extensive in the surrounding area. Rubble is already being shifted by a few brave souls. About thirty feet away to the north, you see some rubble shift on its own, and a few moments later, a giant spider crawls out, and starts to run away.

    J: I fireball it.

    S: NO!!!

    DM: You what?

    J: I fireball the spider.

    DM: Roll initiative.

    Die rolling ensues. Fortunately for the countless surviving victims, Bellrose the wizard was not able to cast his fireball into the crowd, though he was arrested and detained indefinitely for irresponsible use of magic.
    The giant spider happened to be the head-master\'s familiar.

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    Tale #2....

    This one occured during my wife\'s White Wolf story. During the Golden Age...

    Me: A Gurahl. Stolid, farm-bred, very large even as a human. Dunbarr.

    Hogg: A pig farmer turned Troll. Also more than a little insane.

    Esh: A Corax who can\'t shut up. Ever.

    Isha: An egyptian princess who is also a Bastet.

    We\'re on a ship, and we\'re being dragged off course by a rhemorhaz, though we haven\'t figured this out, yet. Hogg, usually the first to come up with ludicrous ideas that get us into trouble, is being strangely sensible in his thinking.

    Esh is agreeing with Hogg\'s plan... which is actually a very sensible plan. This is something that, in 8 months of play, has never happened. Hogg does not have sensible plans. Esh normally supports Dunbarr completely.

    Isha\'s just standing back and watching, and frequently rolling her eyes.

    I, Dunbarr, have had my entire universe turned upside down. Hogg is offering good advice, Esh is backing him, and there is simply nothing else for it but for me to do something completely absurd. I became convinced that our navigator was just drinking too much, and dumped our entire cargo of wine overboard. They managed to wrestle me into submission before I dumped the \'drugged\' food, too.

    We were 8 days out to sea. Losing the food would have meant starving.

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    Good stuf!

    Here\'s one that came to mind.

    This was a game I was DM\'ing the only character that this deals with was a 3-5th lvl fighter that was wearing blood red full plate mail. During an encounter with a dragon he was knocked into a fast moving underground stream. He proceded to fail his 1st 2 swim checks and was sucked into an underwater tunnel. The he proceded to alternate his next several swim checks. Sucsess! Failure! Sucsess! Failure! Sucsess! Failure! He could never gain enough ground to pull himself out of the tunnel to get some air. The swim DC was only 10, easy enough to make if he had taken off his armor, but he refused to do it. Needless to say he drownded, and was bashed against the rocks.

    The kicker was that after he died he realized that he had a potion of water breathing and could of survived. :rolleyes:

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    Default do you mean like this?

    i\'ve got a friend who is addicited to world of warcraft and people seem to do stupid stuff like this. seems like it happens all the time.


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    In a Champions game, our team of superheroes were dealing with some mobster types. They\'d managed to get the drop on us and were holding my character at gunpoint. The team\'s Batman-wannabe character was trying to find a way to get my character to safety.

    Mobster with gun to my head says, \"Nobody move or I\'ll shoot.\"

    Batman-wannabe\'s player announces, \"I take one step forward to reduce the range penalty\", as he intends to throw a pseudo-bat-arang at the mobster.

    Champions rules do not have any equivalent of a 5-foot step. If you move any distance it\'s considered a move action. The GM had already had the villain announce clearly that he intended to shoot if anyone moved.

    Batman-wannabe takes a step. Bad guy shoots my character in the head.

    Luckily my character had the Regeneration ability, so she was back to normal by the following day. But if she hadn\'t...

    Same player wanted to have his AD&D character throw a staff with a rope tied to it 30 feet straight up while he was treading water. I wasn\'t actually present for that, but it\'s become a legend of \"Huh?\" moments in our gaming group.

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    Default Troll flambe anyone?

    OK, party of 3rd to 6th level characters, we\'re fighting our way into a dungeon on a quest to retrieve a magic item for a dragon (too long a story to tell here). We come to a spot where some trolls have blocked the hallway and the two lead trolls advance on the party but stop before a 10 foot pit. The party can\'t cross the pit, since the trolls would rip whoever crossed to bits one at a time, or just knock them back into the spike filled pit. So, we are technically at a stand off.

    Our mage, a relative new comer to the party decided to pull out the wand that he found and been dying to try out and cast a fireball. As he pulls it out and points it the entire party screams \'NOOOOOOOO\" but too late, he\'d already fired.

    The Trolls were in a small 10 by 10 foot room. As the Fireball explodes, it catches the trolls from behind and hurls them over the pit into the party (think flaming troll missles!) Fortuntely for me, my dwarven fighter in the front row saw this coming and crouched down behind his shield while yelling \"Duck\". He managed to only take half damage from the fireball (made his save), and the flaming trolls flew over his head into the second rank of characters, giving him a wonderful opportunity to attack from the rear.

    After we eventually managed to take out the trolls, we ,as nicely as possible under the circumstances, explained to the player of the mage why you should never cast fireball in an enclosed space.... ;)

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    Way to go RedDawn. Gotta love those 1e fireballs.

    Also 1e:
    5th level viking fighter opens door. Beholder lets loose with disintigrate - viking is a large pile of smoking armor (armor made its save).
    Beholder hits Dwarf fighter with Telekenisis and plays raquetball with him down the hall (floor/ceiling/floor/ceiling - got any points left?)
    Last eye hits NPC Cleric with Fear - brown trail out of the dungeon.
    2 each Mage/Thief (low level - my wife and her friend) look at each other and ready magic missiles. No luck against the anti-magic eye.
    So the 2 girls proceed to win every initiative and dart the beholder blind, then to death. Poor thing never got off another ray with 6 darts coming in each round. 2 rounds after it was blind, it was also dead.
    As the DM, I just sat there in a stupor. I could not win an inititive, could not roll a hit and the girls could not miss.

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    OK, we were playing in a one day event at a con. We had been going through a major underground temple complex full of traps. We have just accomplished our goal and our Hafling thief finds an obvious lever on the wall (everyone in the party starts to yell nooooo!!!!). He proceeds to pull the lever and there goes the ceiling. The entire party ends up melding into a fine paste between the floor and fallen ceiling. Needless to say we weren\'t very happy with the ending of our day. :mad:

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    Default gnome tossing

    mamas character threw a gnome 30 ft across hot burning kill a gnome instantly lava so that she could have both hands free.

    she made it...

    but if she hadnt....sheda never lived it down.

    OH OH OH and i was playing with a bunch of guys from school, (the drunk DM) and we played a little but at about 6 that night they got into an argument about a situation that happened ....get this....3 years ago! Aaron is a very argumentative kid and wouldn\'t let his player character die. even though he didn\'t. and he saved the party. Aaron still took the player characters, to...youll never guess....D&D COURT. they had to roll play the trial. Aaron lost. we spent 3 hours bickering about why he should have won, and how he almost shouldn\'t have died. it was rediculus....i had to come up with an excuse to leave.

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    Das schwarze Auge/Realms of Arcania - how to do a rocket jump

    The grey wizard Ahriman, a young temple dancer and the noble count porn are trying to catch up with a mage in a rowboat. Unfortunately, the mages bodyguard rows faster than the count. So our great wizard Ahriman decides to stop the enemy boat.... he prepares Ignisphaero, basically a fireball, and hurls it at the enemy.
    In the distance, the call \"Invercano!\" can be heard. Invercano Mirrortrick - the very spell that allows you to block magic with your hands.
    The heroes follow the fireball\'s trail. The thing gets smaller, smaller smaller, smaller.... *ping* bigger, bigger, bigger, BIGGER....
    The temple dancer, only woman and most sensible of the three, decides that right now would be a good time to dive into the water. The count tries an evasive action by randomly flailing the paddles into the water.... and Ahriman takes a good long swig of an Astral point restoring potion.
    The count gets catapulted 28 metres towards the shore. Ahriman on the other hand stood right above the impact point of the fireball. After a little trip up to the sky (also about 30 metres) he hits the water.

    He survived it, but barely.

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    3 persons playing online Diablo 2. We don\'t know eachother just met in the game for that hours gamingsession. My character was the strongest by far and they had these annoying fire producing wizards and a level boss not far off. End of the level. Go to far into the room and you have mayhem, everything starts attacking.
    So go slowely, let them come to you.

    They would wait outside the boss\'s room while I did some cleaning up in there. Needless to say they didn\'t quite take in my directions as they ran in hiding as quick as they could after the first ranged attack we got, running in the only room I told them to stay out off, the one which had the boss and a lot of minions in it. They kept running around in panick, getting tailed by all that was there, unable to find the exit. In panick closed the door they should have exited which for me was now blocked by enemies frozen by his archers icearrows, effectively preventing me from ever entering the room. Well they lasted about 15 seconds (which in retrospect was rather good, the room was packed with enemy fire. To bad it took me longer to blast through his wall of frozen enemies blocking me than that.).

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    No teleport or tele(what\'s the one where you see through walls?)is in Diablo 2?

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    Okay. Here is one to make your skin crawl.

    A friend was running a game of GURPS Swashbucklers. I decide to play a rake (old world playboy type). Anyway, the GM demanded that I roleplay the actual sex acts. This was odd, then I noticed when I said what I was doing, he and two of the other player (one was a girl) were breathing heavy. THEY WEREN\'T ACTING.
    What is scarier is that we were in our early to mid-twenties. I never played the game again.

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