For me it was this situation. But 1st let me introduce the cast of charcaters.

Heres the cast of characters:

Balin Battlehammer: 9th lvl Fighter (mine) Had died twice.
Kirra Battlehammer: 8th lvl Rogue/2nd lvl Fighter (mine) Balins twin sister. Died once.
William: 10th lvl Fighter (best freinds) Died once. Had spent a period of time as a wight.
Vai: 10th lvl Barbarian/Sorcerer (NPC) Died twice and was 3000+ years old.
Bearcharmer: 10th lvl Ranger (NPC) Harper Scout, werebear.
Barr: 6th lvl Dwarf fighter (npc, follower) Died once.

So we were in this no win situation against insurmountable odds. Keep in mind this was a very powerful 9th-10th lvl party.

Our Barbarian Shaman Vai, had just fallen, my Dwarf Fighters follower Barr, was gravely woundeded, Our ranger was on the run, towards us, completly naked btw, with more monsters on his tail. So Balin pulls out his portable hole hoping to throw everyone in it , then polymorph into something that can fly and escape to re-group, and fight another day.

Seeing that Vai had just fallen Balin yells for William (16 INT) to remove Vai\'s bag of holding and throw Vai in the hole. Willaim decides it would be a better idea to throw Vai, who is 300+ lbs, to Balin, who is 15\' away on the otherside of the hole. Needless to say even after all the yelling to remove the Bag of holding, William throws Vai right into the portable hole. Kaboom! A rift to the astral plane is opened up, everything within 30\' feet had to make a saving throw, or be destroyed and is scattered across the planes, including 2 articacts that were in the hole.

Needless to say Balin wanted to kill William. And I wanted to strangle my friend for not listening to me.