Yet another tale of many from my wealth of ludicrous gaming sessions....

1st edition AD&D... I\'m playing a Cavalier, level 9...

Eddie is playing a wizard, level 11.

There\'s several other party members, but Eddie and I are the only ones relevant to this moment of stupidity...

Riding through the wilderness, we came across a mixed encampment of orcs and ogres. I, the Cavalier, immediately charged in, going at the ogres on horseback with a heavy lance +3 in hand.

Eddie, figuring to get better position for aiming, moves to the east for 1 round.

So, Eddie\'s fireball hits the centre of the camp at the same time as I\'m making my first attack roll.

My character gets char-broiled, cut down to a piddling 6 hit points (Eddie rolled really well on his fireball), and I got cut down the following round by the remaining 5 orcs.

Eddie looks at me upon hearing that I\'ve just been killed, and smiles sheepishly before saying \"Oops.\"

He hadn\'t heard me announce my charge.