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Thread: Whats the dumbest thing you have ever seen a player do during a game?

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    Yet another tale of many from my wealth of ludicrous gaming sessions....

    1st edition AD&D... I\'m playing a Cavalier, level 9...

    Eddie is playing a wizard, level 11.

    There\'s several other party members, but Eddie and I are the only ones relevant to this moment of stupidity...

    Riding through the wilderness, we came across a mixed encampment of orcs and ogres. I, the Cavalier, immediately charged in, going at the ogres on horseback with a heavy lance +3 in hand.

    Eddie, figuring to get better position for aiming, moves to the east for 1 round.

    So, Eddie\'s fireball hits the centre of the camp at the same time as I\'m making my first attack roll.

    My character gets char-broiled, cut down to a piddling 6 hit points (Eddie rolled really well on his fireball), and I got cut down the following round by the remaining 5 orcs.

    Eddie looks at me upon hearing that I\'ve just been killed, and smiles sheepishly before saying \"Oops.\"

    He hadn\'t heard me announce my charge.

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    Our wizard was forgetting that she had spells, and was beating up some goblins (rather poorly) with a quatre staff.

    DM: You know, wizards are magic users

    Player ( a newbie): O ya, lets see, it says on my character sheet \" Read Magic\", how about that?

    DM: Ya:rolleyes:, I\'m shure that will work real well

    Player: Okay, I cast Read Magic on the goblin:D

    Another time I had a toilet paper encyclopedia thrown at me (don\'t ask), it\'s a critical hit and it nearly killed me:lol

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    Cat Snorting Fun...

    This is from our White Wolf campaign, which I mentioned the characters from earlier in the thread...

    Who\'s involved:
    Hogg - Troll and group medic
    Eesha - Bastet, Bubasti (were cat for those who don\'t know)

    Eesha got herself bit on the belly, while in her feline form, by a venomous snake.
    Hogg, party medic that he is, tries to suck out the poison. With 7 dice to roll, for his medicine check (4 Int + 3 Medicine), he botches 5 times.
    So, instead of sucking out poison, he snorts cat hair, and sneezes the cat right out of his own grip...

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    With an extremely limited RPG background I don\'t have many, but one of the best was in 7th Sea.

    Playing a Robertson-trained Innishman, and in the presence of my brother AKA roommate of the GM who is usually never around. More than a little sibling rivalry comes up, and Jim, who was pretty damn sharp with the boxing school, gives a surprise jab to the nose.

    Deciding it\'s in character to take the hit rather than parry (it was only gonna be a couple of flesh wounds, I\'m currently unharmed, with 3d10 to soak the damage and avoid a dramatic wound). So I take like 5 damage and my 3d10 totalled 4 for the soak roll. I end up with a broken nose.

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    There\'s a myth about Vampires not being able to pass running water.

    During a game we were being attacked by a vampire. So to get away a we decided that if some ofthe characters stay back lent against the wall and started peeing onto the adjacent wall the vampire couldn\'t pass the running water, and we all ran off. lol

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    Default Kicking Down Doors

    One of the guys in our group (D&D 3.5) has a bad habit of kicking down doors. Don\'t let the rogue unlock the door, just kick it down.

    So, one night we came across a locked door and he kicked it open as usual. He then proceeded to fail his reflex save and fell off the edge of the cliff that was on the other side of the now open door.

    After falling 100 feet and taking damage (10d6?) he discovered that he was surrounded by zombies and skeletons. Now being a 10th level Paladin this shouldn\'t be too much trouble, but not really worth dealing with. So, he took a potion of spider climb and proceeded to climb up the wall out of the cavern full of undead.

    On his way out he was attacked by 3 wights. He lost 6 levels that turn.

    He managed to get out but only because of our very cool cleric type (I can\'t remember what class he is).

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    One from my favorite campaign:

    A Paladin recently asked a Lawful Evil god for a Holy Avenger. The God left, came back a moment later giving him a sword with a bloody hand still gripping the handle. The Paladin was elated, ...and somewhat surprised when he couldn\'t get full benefits out of it.

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    Default A couple

    Okay have to post this as it happened in our current Warhammer Campaign.

    Players are in a city that is in the middle of the DrakWald forest. The forest is known to be swarming with beastmen. Party at one point in the game find a beastmen heardstone. They decide they need to destroy it.

    Two dumb things happen:
    1) players get to the heardstone to scout it out after initially finding it. They see a fire bit with the burnt remains of a shaman in the pit with no signs of scuffle. The stone now humms with an odd energy. One player decides to touch it! Quickly possesed by the spirit of the shaman I get a few great adventure hooks and some good roleplaying, but dumb.

    2) to destroy this heardtone they get a Dwarf Engineer who is mainly a brewer and is good at metalworking. They get him to make explosives to destroy this thing. So the drunken dwarf metalworker makes the charges and sets them off. Amazingly he pros on the timing, and it blows exactly when he wanted it to, not suprisingly he botches the amount of black powder required and blows a rather large crater into the woods, characters are burnt and battered but the forest is in worse shape. 3 days later the town burns down as no one can control the wild fire started.

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    Don\'t have many such stories, but I do remember once getting into a fight and pulling out my trusty magic sword that shot fireballs.

    Of course, we happened to be in a forest in late summer/early autum and barely escaped the resulting forestfire with our lives. Just like in the movies, we and whatever it was we\'d been fighting were both running side by side to get away from the flames.

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    Is it just me, or does almost every D&D style game inevitably develop a \'fireball\' related story?

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    Default Almost a fireball

    Okay here is my D&D \'fireball story\'

    I had recently picked up the Humanoids book for AD&D second edition. We decided to test this new book out by having everyone make a humanoid charactrer. Instead of following the books plan to make good characters, we made an evil party.

    The party was in a swampy area and ambushing travellers on the only sure road through the swamp. At one point they raided a travelling apothecary. Things were going badly and one of the characters, a lizardman, was hiding in the apothecarys cart. This cart was of course filled with all kinds of odd poitions and mixes. The lizardman figures something in here has to help him so grabs three random poitions and downs them. Now I don\'t know how many of you remember the 2nd ed rules for mixing potions, but it seldom goes well.

    I make my rolls in secret, and tell the player he downs the potions feels a bit dissy for a second, then that clears and he feels just about the same as he did before hand but a bit bloated and gassy. The player then burps rather loudly.

    At this point flames fly out of the the Lizardmans mouth filling the room full of potions and such. The cart explodes in a riot of smoke and odd colours, fireworks going off in all directions, and a lizarman launching at about an 60o arc out of the cart, tail on fire spining through the air leaving a spiralling smoke trail. He splashes into the swamp some distance from the cart.

    We were rolling on the floor about that one for weeks. Actually I should remember to bring this up again next game we have.

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    I had a player once charge a group of 6 crossbowmen who had their weapons trained on him.

    I told him beforehand that because they had weapons trained on him, any hits would be criticals.

    He charged anyway.

    Good thing they had a decent cleric.

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    This doesn\'t fall into the same category, but I didn\'t feel like starting a new thread.

    At the climax of our White Wolf chapter\'s climax, we fell out of character for a few moments for bizarre comments about cartoons.
    Thundercats was mentioned, and I added the obligatory \"Cheetara was the Thundercats ho.\" This set our storyteller off into hysterical giggles that couldn\'t be stopped for nearly twenty minutes.

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    The party finds a pile of abandoned gear sitting in an old house. so the wizard of the group naturally begins ID\'ing the various items, only to run out of spells. Rather than wait until the wizard can finish, on eo fthe dwarves grabs the largest remaining necklaces and places it around his neck. Of course, it\'s a neckless of strangulation. One dead dwarf. So they pick him up, and carry him into town. Very rarely do my players ever revive, and this was one of those first attempts. So they bring him to the cleric who runs the temple, and ask for him to be revived.

    \"OK, you want him revived?\"
    \"That\'s 500 gold.\"
    \"Ok, the cleric successfully revives your friend. Unfortunatly, since none of you removed the necklace, his face turns blue and he chokes to death again.\"
    \"Thanks guys!\"

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    lol That seems to be a classic mistake players make with that necklace. lol

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    Default Another one...

    Same player I mentioned before: One of our PCs is being held with a gun to her head, while the NPC says \"if ANYONE moves, I\'ll kill her.\"

    Player: \"I take a 5-foot step forward to reduce range\"...:o

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    Default Ooh! Almost forgot!

    We were raiding an evil temple when we came to a room where there were items on pedestals, and as soon as you touch one, their guardians came out. Their guardians were will-o-wisps. Well, because the player of the wizard of the group had read the module recently, and read up in the Monster Manual about Will-o-Wisps, he knew there was nothing we could do to them.

    So he sequesters himself in a different room while we\'re fighting for our lives and starts to try to Identify some of the stuff we\'ve found!

    Mind you, at that time Identify took 8 HOURS to cast...


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    White Wolf Amusement... Again...

    Robert Esh, Corax supreme (most of the time)...

    In trying to steal a fabulous ruby from a heavily guarded building...

    My character, the gurahl, Dunbarr, forces the door open. This is announcement that we\'re coming to the guardian baddies....

    Esh: I walk in, turn invisible, and go for the ruby...

    Now, those of you who know invisibility know that if you turn invisible while someone\'s looking at you, it isn\'t really invisibility....

    There was a brief moment of amused panic as he tried to take back his statement, followed by a lot of desperate dodging, followed soon after by a fight that we really didn\'t want to have.

    We did, at least, get the gem... without any deaths on our side.

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    i had a group of pcs attempt to ambush a mob of grimlocks in the underdark.... the party leader, a druid minotaur with lots of muscle, but not much in the way of smarts, whispers to another pc \"when i stomp my foot like this (thud), attack.\" it didnt go well after that....

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