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Thread: Whats the dumbest thing you have ever seen a player do during a game?

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    Thats just wrong. I new a DM that was like that. He wanted to know every little detail.:|~

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    Orginal gepostet von Ebonbuddha
    Okay. Here is one to make your skin crawl.
    ...it worked.


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    Originally posted by Itchy
    No teleport or tele(what\'s the one where you see through walls?)is in Diablo 2?
    Yep there is teleport. Which would lead you back in town... If they would have opened a portal in the room I could go with mine in town and then take theirs to them.... But they never lived long enough to actually do that.

    as to the Dm and players in the discriptive sex sequences. I guess their allowance/pocketmoney was spend already and this was cheaper than calling a sex phone-line ;) Oke I had scenes like that in online text based RPG, also written by me... but it sure wouldn\'t be as akward as this. Sheez

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    What is starting to seem like many years ago I used to run Lankhmar campaigns. One only has to read a few of Leiber\'s works to note the adult themes in his genre. There are lines betwen fantasy, eroticism, and downright pornography and for the most part deliberately avoided the latter.

    Crossing the first line, however, was something that occasionally happened, but almost always by the player\'s initative. (Such as the one time the female player\'s female character suddenly disrobed in the Grey Mouser\'s cabin ...)

    All in all, it\'s not all that easy to do, and I don\'t claim to be the expert here. I do now that it is very similiar to that of horror, that which is unseen directly but only hinted at can get a better response. Some things deserve to be left to the imagination, because that is where they are the best.

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    Had a PC hack up a gelatinous cube into a million gelatinous cudes and get acid splashed to death in record time.

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    This thread is bringing back many fond memories, as it has been years since I gamed. I think the dumbest thing I recall is a fighter rushing into battle versus a white dragon with a shield made from scales from her offspring the party had slain.

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    Originally posted by Primeval
    This thread is bringing back many fond memories, as it has been years since I gamed. I think the dumbest thing I recall is a fighter rushing into battle versus a white dragon with a shield made from scales from her offspring the party had slain.
    This reminds me of something: D&D 3e campaign (still going). One player had a character designed to be very diplomatic. We\'d just fought a forest drake (kind of a small dragon) and had previously found another one dead - we didn\'t kill it, another group did. We were helping someone find a missing member of the other group, and she appeared to have been captured by the drake.

    Mr. Diplomat starts talking to the drake to try to get it to hand her over. Turns out the dead drake was this one\'s mate. Unfortunately Mr. Diplomat\'s player kept making references to the drake\'s dead mate in his conversation. The GM ruled that it didn\'t matter how well the player rolled on his diplomacy checks - the drake didn\'t like hearing his dead mate spoken about, and wasn\'t about to parley with us.

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    I was running Death in Freeport, and in the adventure there is a pirate ship docked at port. The heroes need to get some info, if I remember correctly, anyways the captain would not let the party board the ship. So they decide to take it by force, one of the fighters decides to run across the dock and jump up onto the boat some 12 feet in the air and like 8-10 feet away from the dock. Needless to say he failed his saving throw and hit smack dab in the middle of the boat knocking himself senseless adn falling into the water. We still laugh about it to this day. Even though its been like 5 years.

    It was the 1st of many memorable moments for this player.

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    Default What he fails to mention...

    Originally posted by Grumb
    OK, party of 3rd to 6th level characters, we\'re fighting our way into a dungeon on a quest to retrieve a magic item for a dragon (too long a story to tell here). We come to a spot where some trolls have blocked the hallway and the two lead trolls advance on the party but stop before a 10 foot pit. The party can\'t cross the pit, since the trolls would rip whoever crossed to bits one at a time, or just knock them back into the spike filled pit. So, we are technically at a stand off.

    Our mage, a relative new comer to the party decided to pull out the wand that he found and been dying to try out and cast a fireball. As he pulls it out and points it the entire party screams \'NOOOOOOOO\" but too late, he\'d already fired.

    The Trolls were in a small 10 by 10 foot room. As the Fireball explodes, it catches the trolls from behind and hurls them over the pit into the party (think flaming troll missles!) Fortuntely for me, my dwarven fighter in the front row saw this coming and crouched down behind his shield while yelling \"Duck\". He managed to only take half damage from the fireball (made his save), and the flaming trolls flew over his head into the second rank of characters, giving him a wonderful opportunity to attack from the rear.

    After we eventually managed to take out the trolls, we ,as nicely as possible under the circumstances, explained to the player of the mage why you should never cast fireball in an enclosed space.... ;)
    ...is that MY character is standing right behind his in the 2nd rank! (And no, Airhead, I wasn\'t the one who threw the fireball!)

    My human gets crushed by a big ole flaming Troll lol Not one of my \'better\' days. Did give us plenty of ammunition (pun intended) for ribbing the friend who plays the mage!

    Before I started playing in this game we had another friend who pissed off a white dragon and ended up in a cage in his cavern - buck naked! That particular player moved out of town (which is why the DM probably had him snatched b/c he knew he was moving, but didn\'t want to kill him). But because he was a dwarf, and Grumb was a dwarf, we had to go after him.

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    *sigh* I\'d post in this thread but too many of my stories would star my own characters.

    \"What do ya mean I just killed off half the party?? Am I still alive? Oh... so I can\'t be resurrected from that many pieces, huh?\"

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    Well my rpg character Myrna (shepardess and fighter with a staff) is relative good at fighting but at the wrong moments.

    There we had a person I just wanted to mildly hit for we had to question him, keep him prisoner. I never really fought with the Myrna but thought I might give it a try instead of keeping to the background as usual. A weak hit would have been enough so what did I have to loose? He runs out of the room to escape us... or he tries. I aim for his back and with a not to powerfull attack to try and stop him.... and my usual cursed dice deside I leave the guy an inch from his life with just one hit.
    He definatly didn\'t last long enough for questioning. My first real attack with that character and I kill someone unintentional... sigh. She needed some counceling afterwards being totaly shocked ;)

    Oke a bit later when I needed to kill someone, I trew lousy... getting nearly killed myself with hardly a scratch on the opponents.

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    I was running a Star Wars d6 game with a bunch of my navy pals...they were going through the \"Otherspace\" module (one of my faves) and there is a portion where they had to climb up a fleshy tunnel to get to teh next level up and a large number of Charon (evil death-worhipping bug aliens) were hot on their tails. The Jedi was in the lead, followed by the smuggler, the (intentionally irritating) engineer, and finally, the dumb brute taking up the rear. Big guy decides to drop a thermal detonator....
    Lucky for the Jedi and smuggler, the jedi made a (force-boosted) jump check to clear the top with the smuggler in tow. The other two got what they had coming. Pity.

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    lollol Thats to funny. lollol

    This is one that I had heard from the Dm at the time. The party is in the woods setting up camp, the dm describes the the area as very dry, that there is a lot of dried leaves and branches, pincones, pine needles and what nots. For some rerason they could not get a fire started, so the wizard in his infanite wisdom declares that he will cast burning hands on the fire pit. The Dm looks at him and says are you sure that is what you want to do as there is a lot of dry forest little around. The entire party yells at the player not to do it. But he says, yes I do cast burning hands. Vwoosh the fire is lit as it the surrounding area. The wizard and 2 other PC\'s died in that fatal mistake.


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    You remind me of a similar experience I had with a new player. I forget the exact cercumstances, but he was being chased across the plains by horsemen (they were on foot). As they saw the riders getting closer, the newbie (a cleric) thought it would be a good idea to set the area on fire (to scare off the horses, I believe was his logic). He whips out his flint and steel and sets to work. The other PC sees this idiocy and keeps running. At about the time the horses reach the newbie, he finally gets the fire going. The warhorses make their morale check against the fire, the horsemen net the newbie, the other PC makes it to a hiding spot.

    Later that same adventure, (which has now shifted to a game of rescue the new guy) the cleric is tied to a stone table, the evil cleric looms closer...

    DM: The man is covered in strange tattoos all over his body and wears the unholy symbol of the god of slaughter. \"Who do you worship?\" he asks menacingly.

    Newbie: \"The god of love and peace?\"

    (Sounds of slaughter)

    Ahh...good times!:D

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    The latest recollection of many....

    Chazloxx, a lizard man cleric PC, is accompanying a party with the intent of bettering relations between his tribe and the nearby human settlement.

    After successfully negotiating his position in the party, providing valuable healing and protection magics, as well as a generally calming influence on the more hot-headed party members, they accept him.

    The new quest begins -- a journey to the mansion home of a wizard, where it is reputed that many spellbooks, scrolls and such items are just waiting to be claimed.

    They find the manor house, dilapidated and peering in the window, see that there is so much dust piled up that it\'s 6 inches deep in places. But they can only see inside as much as the dim sunlight allows through the windows.

    So, Chazloxx, wishing to see more, throws a torch in through a broken window......

    And ignites the dust fire, which becomes a carpet fire in seconds, and shortly after that, becomes a raging inferno of manor house, driving the party back into the forest until it burns out the next day.

    All flammable items are destroyed. Most of the weaker monsters inside were burned, and the tougher ones were severely ticked off.

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    Where to start erm....Cyberpunk 2020:

    After approaching a small street gang consisting of kids (13/15 years old) in a stanty town the players had to well...roleplay to get information out of on of the little brats. Needless to say the kids wanted to Eurobucks for the info. Now then, these kids was really mouthy with loads of attitude. One of my players says \"Okay so you want some cash eh for some info?\" With one hand he holds up a euro buck to the kids face. With the other hand he draws his pistol from his speed holster from up his other sleeve and shoots through the eurobuck and into the kids head. :( BANG......DEAD. :( That was the end of getting the info they needed and they return to their van with it on bricks and spray painted/ scratched...they had to walk home. :( damn stupid if you ask me.

    God Our group has done countless stupid things. Oh in AD&D we was on top of a wooded tower shooting a ogre who was pushing a cart full of wood into the bottom of the tower through the wooded double doors. One player says \"oh I\'ll throw my alchemist fire at the cart\" another player says\" erm..at the cart and not at the ogre?\"
    Player proceeds to throw the fire bomb at the wooded cart, setting it on fire. The cart is them pushed into the wooden tower and sets it alight. :(.

    Maybe I\'m just with a bunch of bad roleplayers :)

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    I was playing original AD&D. One guy in the group was famous turning on his party and killing them. I don\'t know what he got out of it, but for some reason the DM let him try every game they played together.There were four players in the game. I was playing a barbarian, the turncoat was playing a thief, one friend was playing a Elf mage, and another guy was a Cleric. The cleric was out of commission. We just found the reason for going on the quest. The thief went to take out the mage. He succeeded. He tried to make a backstab on my barbarian...You guessed it. My barbarian swung around and chopped him in two with his bastard sword. You can\'t backstab a barbarian. Not in those days anyway.I rolled natural 20s and max damage. Everyone laughed at him and he never lived it down. He also stop turning on his parties.lol

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    Originally posted by Duende
    *sigh* I\'d post in this thread but too many of my stories would star my own characters.

    \"What do ya mean I just killed off half the party?? Am I still alive? Oh... so I can\'t be resurrected from that many pieces, huh?\"
    Do tell! Do tell!! :D

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    Originally posted by sniffles
    Originally posted by Duende
    *sigh* I\'d post in this thread but too many of my stories would star my own characters.

    \"What do ya mean I just killed off half the party?? Am I still alive? Oh... so I can\'t be resurrected from that many pieces, huh?\"
    Do tell! Do tell!! :D
    Yes please tell. :D

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    Well, that\'s have to be sit down... as long as i\'m DMing Wu-ah-hahahahaha!lol

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