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Thread: Whats the dumbest thing you have ever seen a player do during a game?

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    WHFRP - I was playing a wizard, our party got jumped and my mate died... the GM expected (and indeed counted on) me to run and survive, to later return with help and resurrect my mate. Instead, I picked up my fallen mates two-handed sword and swung at the Chuck-Norris-hard NPC. The GM gave me a 1% chance to hit and a 1% chance to badly wound to the point where I would not get a beating in return. I rolled 00 to hit... BOOYA!

    Then rolled something like a 4 which was described as just enough force to cause an itch but not enough force to remove an itch.

    I got killed after that.

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    In one campaign, we found a bag that appeared to be a bag of holding. Knowing the DM, we stuck a sitck on the bag first.... it came out al chewed up. One moron in our party decides to put his hand in...

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    I will not say his name, but a guy I played with stuck a D10 up his nose on a bet. Took us 20 minutes to get it out (how long is that in metric?) and his nose bled like a fountain for a good 15 after that.... does that count?

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    Awesome thread!

    Played with a 1st edition D and D group back in the day for a couple of years. We had One guy who was the 'primary" GM but we alternated a bit here and there. Played there for a couple of years.The Primary GM was always kind of a power player and in one adventure he used his main character as an NPC. My character at the time was a crazy half elf who had a talent for getting into trouble, but coming out unharmed.

    Don't remember exactly why, but i had pissed off his main character and he decided in all his lawfully goodness i had to die for it. He threw his two (yes two) Hammers of thunderbolts that i promptly caught with my gloves of missle snaring. My character said "thanks for the gifts!" and teleported away. Was nothing personal, just playing my character, but he got seriously pissed off.

    The next week was a special "we are going to kill Moe's character no matter what" day. I managed to get out of everything he threw at me and i killed his brothers main character with the hammers i stole. He disbanded the ENTIRE gaming group the following week. /shrug everyone just started playing at anothers house the week after that and we played for about 4 more years till RL got in everyones way.

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    Minor Stupidy
    15+ years ago
    Werewolf RPG, my first brother is GM, pack consists mainly of two other brothers, regular group of friends, myself usually as pack alpha, but not present for the session involved here, so my PC is absent. As alpha, it seems my job is usually to moderate and mitigate general stupidity.
    Pack is tasked with finding and retrieving an artifact. They track it to a museum. They attempt the theft during opening hours of the museum, and decide that a distraction is needed. A fire is lit (you can see where this is going right?) on a random hanging/tapestry, which causes general panic, fire proceeds to get quickly out of control. Museum burns down. I seem to recall the injury or death of a security guard being involved.
    They didn't retrieve the artifact.

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    Doh!!!! Did they get negative points for that??

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    Stupidest (Evil) thing-
    (Me DM'ing) Player playing the cleric rolls knowledge Religion for a certain type of undead I had made up. I tell him the only cure to the maggots infesting his brain is a Remove Disease spell. Out of the corner of my eye, I see movement of a pencil and when it's his turn: "oh, look I have one prepared today". I said Yeah, moving on. But he kept trying to press his advantage of his obvious cheat. I ejected him from the game and wiped my ass with his character sheet.
    -Needless to say, I don't take cheating lightly

    Stupidest (Funny) thing-
    (Me playing centaur ranger) Our barbarian had gotten mind controlled by some beholders earlier, then I roll a critical miss... followed by a critical hit... on monster he was fighting, so it my arrow stuck in his back. He turns around and yells "The horse is possessed!" and then proceeds to charge and attack me before I can apologize.
    I also had to stop him from bum rushing a mayor of an extraplanar village. Guy was like a flamethrower- just try to keep it going in an efficient direction.

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    the new wizard player we allowed into the group decided to go into a tavern, strip naked, cast dancing lights, and dance around on a table in an attempt to make money.

    He quit playing when it didn't work.

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    I would have quit playing too!

    Anyways the most stupid thing (in game ) I did: "This better be drinkable, because I'm drinking it"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianFowler713 View Post
    Anyways the most stupid thing (in game ) I did: "This better be drinkable, because I'm drinking it"...
    Been there, done that but it backfired on DM.. My epic stone giant barbarian decided to drink a trough of some unidentified liquid.
    It was acid.
    I had to a roll Fort save, which was like dc 25 when my base save was +30. So, basically I drank acid and just had minor heartburn.

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    I'm a grand-father. In what world do you guys live??
    Are we having fun yet?

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    Once in the start of our epic campaign I was playing an aquatic elf and party got sent to 3rd level of hell, Dis. There was a room where souls were being tortured in tanks of water and a hole at the end of the room that looked like a well. So I dunked my head in and took a peek. Came up with a tumor on my head and THAT did not end pretty. Morale of the story, don't put your head in hell water, bad things happen.

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    Had a player in a Modern D20 game stand in front of a advancing tank and refuse to move. Believing that for some reason it would stop dead and the bad guys inside would give up. As you would expect. The tank didn't stop, leaving the player very dead. Years later the player still gets jokes made about their tank stopping abilities.

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    A PC once took a leak in a corner--or at least, he tried to, except I said there was no reason to do it, and so I ruled that he couldn't. He threw a fit and quit the campaign.

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    I was playing a paladin, 3rdish level, in 2nd Ed that was knocked out in combat. One of the bad guys, vagabonds, moved to cover the paladin's unconscious body with a heavy crossbow andyelled for the rest of the party to stop fighting.or the paladin dies. Everyone stops but one player who anounces that he continues to fight the guy in front of him.... The paladin was shot to death.

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    We were playing a MLP role-play sand had to get some princess out of a magic comatose. Instead of getting me top try and break the spell (since I was the onlypony with magic) one of the players decided to full out attack her to wake her up. She literally rolled 1 less than what she needed to kill the a Princess.

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    Party of Judges (In Judge Dredd the Roleplaying game - 30+ yrs ago) Standing in a narrow corridor (ie less than 3m wide) surrounding a locked door, when one bright spark decided to use Hi-Ex (Burst Radius 5m) round to blow it. Needless to say the rest of the squad was NOT happy after the damage rolls!!

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    LOL this is the hottest game I've ever heard about!

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    I was a Netrunner on Cyberpunk 2020 on a crazy team, we were playing against arasaka interest so we went to their main tower to get some data, my team get lots of weapon and how to enter in the tower after a session and inter-session planning... but once we get into the entry of the arasaka tower.... in the weapon detector....we realize we got no real plan to get out of the building with the paydata.... a 100 level tower.... well we blow it up our way out the tower hopefully, when it could be a fast action to jump with parachute.
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