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    Default things you wont admit because....they may be watching

    what is the silliest thing your DM has ever done?

    papa is pretty good when it comes down to it....

    but i tried role playing with friends of mine. bad idea it was OK early morning, but around AM he started drinking. vodka and coke. by 12 he was drunk and by 7 he was not understandable.

    that entire day we fought 3 goblins. THREE FRIG GEN GOBLINS

    i haven\'t played with them since.:D

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    We made our GM quit playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - we complained that trees don\'t grow right next to each other because of their root systems. He lost the plot and threw us out for being awkward bastards lol lol

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    One of my friends is what Dragon Magazine once called \'The Killer Dungeon Master\'.

    Fourth level thief and fourth level cleric in a mini-game, transported by means unknown, to Ravenloft... to face off against Strahd... the 800 year old version.

    He needed stitches when we were through with him.

    Silliest thing I\'ve ever done as a DM, myself....

    That would have to be sicking a senile, half deaf old man on the party as a retainer that wouldn\'t go away.

    \"What\'s your name?\"
    \"What\'s your name?\"
    Old man looks around for a few moments.
    \"Almost lunch time.\"

    Imagine 5 hours of this. The party just wouldn\'t let it go until they got him to answer one question the way they wanted.

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    Most of the GMs I play with do silly things in a humorous sense, but not silly in a \"what were you thinking?\" sense.

    One GM did really make me mad once, though, by doing something I thought was silly in the latter sense. A villain in a supers game had taken some NPC civilians hostage in order to force us to cooperate with him. The heroes came forward and said, \"We\'ll do whatever you want, just let the hostages go.\" The villain had worked with the heroes before (they\'d been forced to cooperate to stop an alien invasion) so he knew the heroes were honorable. But he refused to release the hostages.

    The players, mainly myself and another player, argued and argued that the villain should let the hostages go since he knew that the heroes would still cooperate because, well, they\'re heroes. But the GM wouldn\'t even entertain the idea of a compromise.

    I got really frustrated and announced that my character would sit in her quarters and do nothing until the villain released the hostages, even if it took forever. The GM said, \"Fine, it takes forever\". We were stymied. I thought about walking out on the game.

    It turned out later that this wasn\'t really the villain we\'d worked with before; he was actually being impersonated by someone else. That was the reason he was so unreasonable about the hostages. But before I knew that I just thought the GM was being an inflexible jerk. :)

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    We once had a DM that was kind of distraught that we had gotten through his monsters too quickly. All of a sudden we look down at the last bugbear and it has taken 72hp of damage. This was in 2nd edition and it was just a normal bugbear but the DM just didn\'t want the battle to end. When we pointed out the extraordinary constitution of the bugbear it just fell down (and apartlol).

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    Originally posted by ipaintminis
    what is the silliest thing your DM has ever done?

    papa is pretty good when it comes down to it....

    but i tried role playing with friends of mine. bad idea it was OK early morning, but around AM he started drinking. vodka and coke. by 12 he was drunk and by 7 he was not understandable.

    that entire day we fought 3 goblins. THREE FRIG GEN GOBLINS

    i haven\'t played with them since.:D
    Drinking and DMing do not mix well. Done it too often regrefully. Had that problem in my teen years alot. My friends all reached \'drinking\' age around the same time most of us were avid gamers, so we would throw the big party at someones parents house while they were gone and we would always Roleplay (even the non players at least had fun watching us). Ruined a few campaigns that way (Warhammer example - Warrior (drunk now) keeps killing things in more bloody ways and yelling for Khorne, so me (drunk as well) bless him with his chaos armor and things go downhill from there).

    I learned quickly that if you are drinking play a pick up game, something light and non-important. Games like Dream Park, Land of Og, Teenagers from Outer Space, etc are great for this. Just never run your main campaign.

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    Amen. No drunken major campaigns.

    I very rarely get drunk, but our last session, I hadn\'t eaten, and hadn\'t taken into account for that, so I thought I was still perfectly sober...

    But, apparently, according to laughing party members, \"Shikshteen orcsh zhumbouddatyou...\" was only the beginning of the silliness.

    I don\'t remember the evening, so they may have been exaggerating... except that, if I don\'t remember it, they probably aren\'t. *sigh*

    Days later, I still keep stepping on dice that I apparently was throwing at everyone to represent attacks by the monsters.... which were far too weak for a 9th-10th level party...

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    How about throwing up right on his DM screen! It was disgusting...we had tacos earlier that evening, but apparently he was \'allergic\' to something in them....the fact he was terribly hung over didn\'t help much either, it\'s that Volcano hot sause you know.... ;) We left soon after to go to the pub ;)

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    Because there\'s nothing better for puking and hang-overs than getting drunk!

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    Had a DM once who wrote his own game system because D&D wasn\'t specific enough (i.e. you didn\'t have to do calculus for all the rolls). Anyway, Grumb and I had been up most of the night before for some reason (probably a party :D ) and were totally exhausted when we played. The other players there were tired too.

    So basically our playing was pretty crappy and we told the DM we wanted to stop. The DM got really mad because he had this BIG battle planned and we just weren\'t cooperating. He took all of our old characters (incl. Grumb\'s \'tank\' of a dwarf that had died due to a fluke) and threw them at us on a field with the rest of his army. Needless to say, most of us died that day - and if we didn\'t die we were on our way there.

    We all stormed out, except his wife, and didn\'t speak to him for about six months. He was one of our best friends so we eventually made up, but we stopped playing not too long after that. He\'s just really, really anal!

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    My first campaign saw all of us riding full grown dragons, fighting an endless wave of what the DM called \"Chaos Elementals\" and what I call \"The only thing to ever punch, bite, kick, slash, wrap-around, and engulf you in one attack\". Of course we were only level 5 at the time...

    The story behind this is that we had trouble getting a good time to get together, so the DM decided to push up his plans a little bit, and just go all out.

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    Default So many stories, so little time...

    ...before my supervisor notices and tells me to get back to work!lol

    We have one player who ends up the butt of all jokes unfortunately. Nice guy, but does some very dumb things.

    Once, we were playing a super-hero game, and the villain had an innocent with a gun to their head. Bad guy says \"Don\'t move a muscle, or I kill her.\"

    The player says \"I step forward to reduce range\" and moves his mini up one inch!

    The rest of us all sat there shocked and waited for the GM to kill the hostage...all so the player\'s hero could reduce the range penalty of his possible attack!

    One of my favorites is when this particular player was GMing another superhero game and took our modern heroes and threw them in a D&D-style dungeon, where we had to get to the end and rescue the girl. My character, the nominal leader of this group of teenage heroes, realizes this is a dungeon with possible traps and such and orders the strong one in the group to smash through the side wall of the room we started in.

    We walked through the hole to the next convening room, and kept going \'til we reached the end of about 5 rooms, and started going through walls there! I loved his description of the trap in the 3rd room going off: (with a sigh) \"you hear the walls rumble to life as they move towards each other to crush the life out of you. Fortunately for you, they are the side walls, so you just stand there as the wall you broke through goes around you while you stand in the open space...\"lol

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    Hmm so many... let me think... ahh okay heres one. Playing d20 Star Wars, the GM decides mid way through the game that he is tired of playing Star Wars and starts throwing Cthulhu-esque monsters at as. All but one player decided that was enough after the session, we quickly jumped into a long on going D&D game.

    Same DM different game, Spyglass. GM writes this extremly fun campaign, all the palyers are really digging it after about 2 months of playing the GM tells us that he does not have the campaign finished and wants to start playing D&D as he has no ideas as to how to finish the campaign.

    That was the last time we let him GM.

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    That would seriously irk me. I hate getting into a campaign, and especially my character, only to have it tossed aside.

    Example: Old D&D series called the Slavelords series A1-A4 or something like that. The LAST module in the series has this fantastic setup where at the end of the previous module, the party is captured and you wake up at the start of this one naked and with no items of any kind.

    I had always wanted to play that one, and 3 different times before something happened where the GM couldn\'t do it or the group broke apart. The 4th time my best friend at the time was GMing, we were going strong, and one of the players mentioned that he\'d just gotten done reading the final module.

    Well, my friend got very upset at that, and stopped running the game. I don\'t blame him at all for it. I blame the player who became known for doing things like that that bordered on cheating.:flame:

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    It was my character who was being held hostage the story Zora told. Luckily she was another superhero and had the ability to regenerate lost hit points really fast.

    That player was also the GM in my story above. As you can see, he has strange thought processes sometimes. For example, he won\'t let our Champions characters have higher than a 25 defense because he doesn\'t want to have to increase his villains\' damage dice. So we can pretty much buy whatever we want with our XP, but not defensive powers. ???

    Zora and I also have a friend who loves to min-max and use alternate rules as a player, but when he GMs he\'s Mr. By-the-Book. Sigh.

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    There is nothing worse than getting into a game and then having the GM pull one of those.

    I always wanted to run through, either as a player or GmM, A1-A4, almost had the chance but that group broke up before we got to.

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