Let us free the princess!(and demand ransom)
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Thread: Let us free the princess!(and demand ransom)

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    Default Let us free the princess!(and demand ransom)

    Our group has just begun walking down the path of true roleplay: The path of antagonists. We have decided that for a change we will all play some kind of evil antagonist who tries to further his own goal and fights against the heros. We already have some pretty neat characters: We have a slave master who basically fills the brutish dumb type, but has unmatched knowledge in the way of \"motivation\" and connections to certain associations that might just prove very valuable indeed. Then we have a Ronin, a Samurai with no master, banished from his lands because he would not fulfill his task. He vowed to restore his honour by any means necessary, in this case probably claiming the head of his former master. Next is the noble knight - or at least his evil counterpart. That guy doesn\'t care a bit about anyone and has a single, simple goal: Become supreme ruler of as much land as possible.
    I was going to play a magician, a student from the University of Brabak whose desire for perfection completely nullifies his moral objections to the point of seeing everyone else as mere objects to be used for whatever he desires. However, I can\'t play him because sakura wanted to play a magic user too and magic in Realms of Arcania is too powerful and rare to have two magic users in one group ;)

    Has anyone ever tried that, actually roleplaying a team of evil masterminds? I think it must be great fun, but it seems incredibly difficult to actually write adventures for them...

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    I don\'t want to play a magican at all. I better speciallise in poison. Much better fitting, really, for an evil stepmother.

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    Default not a villain but...

    hey Sakura, i was bumped last weekend before you told me about your new familiars... how are they, have you painted them, do you like them, where are the pictures, etc.:D

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    Oh, their fine. Painted and all. I will make pictures shortly. The mouse lost his head one, on a transport, but I managed to glue it back on in the exact position it was befor.:)

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    Sorry about that... the little guy was mighty hard to pack. Glad you got him put back together and can\'t wait to see the pics. Haven\'t seen any of my sculpts painted by anyone other than me yet so i\'m excited:)

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    you killed the mouse! oh man....
    lol. pic pics pics. ok we totally hijacked this thread

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    Orginal gepostet von provoke_me
    pic pics pics. ok we totally hijacked this thread
    Why yes you did, thanks for noticing :D

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    i think the idea of playing the bad guy would be way cool

    of course my version of a bad guy would be the uber cheesy \"take over the dungeon\" baddie :rolleyes: but hey! we cant all be perfect


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    i made up a character sheet for a goblin assassin who i guess you could stereotype as a bad guy, but not the baddest in the land by a long shot. Never got to play with him though... some day though:)

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    The campaign I\'m running for my wife and friends, the party is evil... mostly.

    Priestess of Loviatar (maiden of pain) with an imp as an infernal companion.
    Her assassin lover (NPC)
    Her Blackguard bodyguard (recently changed to the prestige class -- we call him \'ginsu man\')
    A bladesinger (neutral)
    A ranger (neutral)
    A thief.

    They confused the heck out of a black dragon in their last session.

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    Well, we once did a waaay cool evil party in DSA/Realms of Arcania (3rd ed.), settled on Maraskan during the Return of Borbarad. Evil Druid, a tough Mercenary, a former-slave Pirate (Levels in Moha/Thorwaler), and one screwed-up Magician... Hell of a good time it was. Well, if our flying commodity got shot down, what would the Magician do? Save his sorry end and teleport to the ground and let us crash! Wicked infighting, too. Still, we were basically just thugs in the greater picture, and while \"heroes\" get to save countries, we were happy to get out of it alive, much more so if we had a marginal \"profit\" of kinds at the end of the day.
    I still wouldn\'t recommend playing villains with less experienced players. Just running around and killing everyone you meet is, well... pointless and stupid. Roleplaying \"evil\" with all its implications and motivations is, IMHO, something that requires bot mature players and a good DM.
    And now let\'s tear down that temple!

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    We\'ve been playing for several years now, and let\'s face it, we already play an evil group. The heros slaughtered a party of fellow adventurers because they pissed them off :D But this time, we\'ll be evil with a masterplan :cool:
    The return of Barbarad might be a nice idea too... you just gave me some great ideas :D

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