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    Default Tale of the Ranger\'s Folly

    I had had a similar instance.

    Huge dungeon run by goblins (it was very low level) on a world where orkoids were the dominant race and humans were scarce.

    PCs sneak into this place (trying to recover an artifact that will tip the balance in the humans favour) sucessfully and navigated about half the dungeon. One of the players gets bored (not a big fan of dungeon crawls) and decides to split off.

    The entire party warns them against it, but this player A ranger under 2nd edition feels they are invincible (as would any 2nd ed. ranger in a place full of goblin). I go with the flow and set up a couple of encounters that will entertain the player and keep switching between the two groups.

    Eventually it gets to a point where the switching isn\'t going over so well, and people are sick of waiting to find out what happens to the ranger. I use about 20 different \'tricks\' to get the ranger back with the party (\"You hear a call for help down to the south\", \"You feel your friends are in danger\", Big baddy chases you this way, passage crumbles, etc).

    It even got to the point where he passsed the party, said \"Hi, how you guys doing, I will be heading X way how about you go Y\". At this point the party starts ragging on him and I calmly point out that he should return to the group. He blatently heads off on his own again, and just happens to run into a room with 6 Carrion Crawlers (this was a set encounter in the room, I did not place it for this reason). A lvl 2-3 (can\'t remember which) ranger had no chance against them.

    Eventually the party found his body (and all the loot he had found on his own)... the party bard at that immediate time composed a ballad called \"The Tale of The Rangers Folly\".

    To this day my group will note The Rangers Folly whenever anyone speaks of going out alone.

    \"Remeber the Tale of the Rangers Folly\" can be heard often at my table.

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    Too funny. A second lvl character should never run off alone in a dungeon. If you ask me he got his due.

    That reminds me of \"Fred\" the badger.

    We were in this dungeon. Trying to find some item of power, when we hear this sound, it sounds like cordaroy rubbing together the dm states. We were only a 2nd -3rd lvl party. So we send our thief(rogue) to investigate. He comes back screaming that there is this wolverine or something ahead, somehow manages to spook the entire party and so we run of the other way, after we realise that it is a badger. We found that badger again, but it was staked to a wood door and there was several dead orcs lying around.

    To this day when ever we see a badger we always think of Fred, the badger.

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    Default Damn

    I knew when I posted this under player character deaths that it went through then disapeard. I must have hit new topic instead or reply.

    Sorry about that guys, didn\'t even notice until today.

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