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    Default Check Your Names!

    Check your names, check what you painted, check to make sure you are there, check the spelling please

    [ Total Listing Format

    sorry but 72 pages of waiting was just to much to take.
    Vike if you go in the main listing and click can you see them ??? We used Stefens computer and could click on the small pictures and bring them up So I am hopping that will work for you

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    tells me I am not authorized to view those pages...

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    Default Alright

    We went through and revamped a few things.

    PLEASE everyone. go to the auction linked above, click on your continent and a page should come up listing what you\'ve done...

    PLEASE make sure everything is correct.

    and PLEASE tell me you can see them lol

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    oh and i KNOW some things are wrong, but i need you people to tell me how to fix it.

    i.e. markus, your last name? is it really tay?


    thank you everyone!

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    My information looks right, and I clicked on everything and it all seems to work just right! :)


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    Thanks Eric that is a relief :D
    We had seperate pages listed and the html is codependant to the main page My error but that is why you could not see them @Vike I\'m Sorry
    @Marcus I know the real you and we will get you in there right promise :D

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    As much as it\'s a nice state and all.. I\'m not from Georgia. I\'m Pennsylvanian.


    Other than that, all other info for me is correct.

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    Darn Michelle I know that... I am Sorry it will be fixed Friday I think we just went on a roll there and got a bit carried away :D

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    Morning peeps!

    Just to say that when I click on europe you have changed my name to Sharon Jefferies from Sharon Jeffery (although you had it right on the main site).


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    Looks good to me, but why are there some names listed with no apparent contribution? Tomasuss and Mantis are the two guys I\'m talking about ;)

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    Great work ,respect.

    After my name you have \"replacement\".
    It was a leadbelcher if you want to put that in instead.

    Everything looks good to me.

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    I\'m not on the new list (I was on the old one though)

    Details -
    Country - UK
    Nickname - Beelzebrush
    Name - Andrew Bird
    Painted - 1 Manhunter

    Looking great by the way!!

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    My info is correct and my mini is there.. Yay !

    Very nice looking draft TAB!

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    My name lis correct now, thank you. Tracy, under my contributions, I also painted 1 Leadblecher as a fill in piece to make up for one that did not arrive.

    Again this all looks awesome, is there a tenitive date for the auction to start?.. to end?

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    Default I am sorry!

    I am the one that has been taking names and adding what they have painted.

    @duende- MAN i know that too. I was proally typing to will be fixed right now in the next update.

    @fizl- will be fixed next update as well, i am sorry

    @mosch- honestly? because i didnt know what they painted, and would hope they would tell me....(we need a blushing smiley)

    @klute- THANK YOU! it will be changed in the next update

    @beelzebrush- EEK. i am sorry, it will be changed.

    @Braveheart- it will be changed right now

    thank you guys for helping me with the corrections, and i apologize for all the mistakes.

    alright, please double check me, i have re done the information, you may need to hit refresh.

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    Nope you might have missed on refreshing me - I\'m still Sharon Jefferies there!


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    Tracy/Becca, you got me and mine, fine. Only question is why are some names underlined with red dots?

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    ok shaz you are all fixed.

    kev, it was done in word and those people have \"smart tags\" which means we have their email or have emailed them before...

    i will remove all smart tags, when all of the fixing of errors is done. i will do it this way because even if you save the document in word, everytime you open it up all the smarttags are reapplied

    so thats why there are red dots.:)

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    info confirmed correct.


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    sooooo, while everything checks out for me...was it just a Floridian conspiricy to stick all us Californians at the bottom of the list?! :mad::mad:

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