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    Originally posted by EricJ
    sooooo, while everything checks out for me...was it just a Floridian conspiricy to stick all us Californians at the bottom of the list?! :mad::mad:
    OK so last night at 3 AM yep FL time I thought Oh I should alphabetize the list so I do not get any shit....
    No... I say to is late and I do not know the command for Word to do that and no one involved in this would be so silly.
    Line me up for the firing squad, Hell I was born in California I would not do that in effort. but I think you tease yes????

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    I\'m fixed :bouncy:


    EDIT - blimey that can be taken the wrong way...

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    just one correction. My name is spelled Ming-Hua Kao, not Ming-Hau Kao.

    Apart from that, everything works.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    :D checked and all my information is correct

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    Just checked the list - small correction for me, Caroland (add a D).

    Army is looking great.

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    Default Left off!

    Tracy, I seem to be left off the list!

    Name: Jerome Weijers
    Country: Denmark
    Painted: 3 gnoblars


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    on account of Jakob Rune Nielsen and me it seems correct.

    Looks great, and very appetizingly.

    - Rune Kappel

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    Corrections will be made and republished tonight
    Thanks you guys any one have slow loading time? did you all have any problems using fire fox or other browsers with the pictures ?? I would think you would mention but I learn to not assume

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    That is a great looking auction page, I looked at my details and they look ok to me, sorry I haven\'t replied earlier I\'ve been a little busy.

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    My name and info are correct.

    @Mosc and Ipm: Tomasuss is probably Tomazsus a.k.a. Tomaz Sussi from Italy
    He has painted 3 gnoblars.

    Speaking of Italian painters... Luca Massetti is spelled wrong, the correct name is Luca Masetti with just one \"s\" and his CMON nickname is Luca_Masetti
    Also for Matteo DeFranceschi, his nickname on CMON is Beltane and not Beltane Studio

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    Thanks very much.. time is soon up and I appreciate you looking at all the names very much
    Thank you for helping

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    Tracy, has an actual time and date been established for the auction to go online? I liked when you had a countdown going on the PaintAid site, any chance of seeing one maybe for the start of the auction, then after the start, a corresponding one for the close of the bidding?

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    It will be soon.
    Dr is getting the mission fish ready I emailed him the HTML tonight.
    I have one more thing that may be added but I should have an answer in the AM about that and if so will remail the html if need be.
    I have asked before about listing times and the best results ... I am a big believer of Sunday at 5 pm EST then it goes off on Saturday when most the world is awake. Micro Art does the same timing and it seems to work well for them also.
    Sure I can put a timer as soon as I can I will be happy to :D

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    Hey guys!

    Just letting you know ifo on behalf of Trace and myself ;)

    I painted the butcher and also an irongut

    Tracy (no \'e\') painted an irongut as well as her gnoblar trapper

    Well done guys for getting it all together!!

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    Default Becca here

    sorry peter and tracy!

    couldnt remember if it was spelt the same way as mamas or not...

    *runs off to fix it!*

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    Default Here we go

    Paint Aid Auction will be listed on Thursday 25th at 4:00 EST for a $1000.00 usd start price and a 10 day auction with eBays Missionfish The listing will be under the.hedge.wizards ebay id because of logistical problems with the fish accepting abroad listings... we would have been held up longer to list.
    The counter is on the site and ticking down to this time then will be replaced with an ebay link and picture.
    I will updating the Paint Aid site and try to streamline, but i wanted to let you know. If the upload goes smooth we should be live in 15 hours
    Please spread the info as far and wide as you can.

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    Great work Tracy at long last we are there all we can do now is wait and see what the end result will be.

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    the right one is mine, dunno, i guess some names got mixed up :)

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