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Thread: Mini-Exchange #5!!!

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    is the theme halloween, or should we just keep that in mind for FF next contest?

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    Sing me up Plz

    (after that last blunder I don thinkg any one will ship to me ever again!)

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    Whoa. Markus, best wishes from me. Sounds pretty bad...

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    I am in and will ship anywhere.

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    Originally posted by MarkusTay
    I woke up yesterday unable to move, and have been bed ridden for two days. :(

    Within the next three hours, my 36 year old sister-in-law died of cancer, and my wife\'s car died while she was out buying an outfit to wear to the funeral. We found out that the 5 year extended warranty that we purchased from the dealer is no longer valid, because the warranty company went out of business two years ago! Meanwhile, we are still paying for it EVERY month... :mad:

    Anyway, I will update my original post tonight and every night for the next three weeks, with the list of participants. This one seems to be off to a great start!

    And remember... think Halloween... ;)
    Hope you\'re allright, Markus, best wishes from me, too.

    Besides I\'ll ship anywhere.

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    Me too please! :D

    I\'ll ship anywhere.


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    :D please count me in......will ship anywhere

    ***Halloween***...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:D:D:D:D

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    Ouch Markus. I hope things look up and you have my best wishes.

    I\'ll have to see if I can finish up ME3 and ME4 things before I can participate in good conscience. :~( That and I\'m head first into rehearsals for a project, so I have to seriously consider what \"free\" time will be like for me.

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    Well, due to work, (daycare provider, Summer busy busy busy) I have not touched a paint brush since ME3, still need to finish that one, exchanged in ME4 have not even had the chance to take those ones out of the blister. But..... School starts in 11 Days :flip::bouncy::flip:
    So I will actually have time to breath since I dont have ANY kids during the day! :o

    All this ramble leads to .....count me in for this one and I PROMISE to finish the Minis from 3 and 4!
    If I don\'t you can spank me:olol:o

    *edit, the spank me comment was just to make Markus feel better, ya know the whole laughter is the best medicine thing:D*

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    Oh dear, I still haven\'t painted any of the minis I got from Jahecker. I\'ll better not participate a second time, you\'ll probably never see the finished product within time....or ever. :(

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    Gypsy, don\'t feel that you \'have to\' finish. It\'s a good thing, but the exchange is what it\'s really all about. :D

    Originally posted by provoke_me
    is the theme halloween, or should we just keep that in mind for FF next contest?
    Exactly! You don\'t have to follow the theme, you can mail anything you want. I just figure if everyone sent \'spooky\' minis, then people can get two things accomplished with one paintjob. :D
    Also, like I mentioned earlier, just about any mini can be tied into the theme. Just take a 1000 yr old high elf, put a mask on him and give him a little goody-bag and wallah! You have a halloween mini entitled \"much too old to trick-or-treat\". lol

    I just thought a theme might be fun, it\'s just an experiment to get the old creative juices flowing.

    Also, it has bean asked of me if someone who does not qualify for rule #5 can join on the word of another member. I have gone back and modified the rule, so now anyone can join as long as they know someone else who is a forum member. In fact, I encourage this! Please feel free to get as many as your friends involved in these forums as possible, we are always looking for \"fresh meat\". ;)

    Than you Mosch, Starfall, and Eqqus... I have the worst respitory infection my doctor has ever seen. I\'m on STRONG anti-biotics right now, and feeling a little better. The body is an amazing thing... when deprived of essential resources (in this case oxygen), it starts shutting down non-essential systems. Thats why my motor functions were impaired. Thank God it considered my brain essential... that\'s about the only thing I got working right now...

    at least... working as badly as it has in the past. ;)


    One more thing, I will be posting the list at 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time, which will make it the 12:00 according to the CMON clock. I\'m going to try to stick to this as a daily-update routine, so keep checking back to my original post in this thread to see if your name made it on. That means give me at least 24 hours to update the info before you start hammering me with PM\'s lol

    Originally posted by leopardpixie
    Sing me up Plz

    (after that last blunder I don thinkg any one will ship to me ever again!)
    Hence rule #6... :rolleyes:


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    Count me in again as wel my stock pile is in need of re-juvenation :D

    I will send anywhere however looking at the dates whoever is either side of me will need to be a bit patient as I am at sea for the middle of the month when the draw is taking place.

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    I\'m in again. Only shipping to europe please.

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    I always thought, well, maybe the other\'s waiting for you to finish the mini and I kinda felt guilty that there were always other projects that seemed more interesting. So, I\'m in then though I won\'t promise anything. But I already have a good halloweeny mini in mind for partner.

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    My sympathies Markus, it sounds like you\'re having a terrible time :(

    I\'ll have to sit this one out, I\'m afraid. Things being as they are, I have barely touched my mini from last time (sorry Ann!)

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    I\'d like to play. I\'ll ship anywhere.


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    Default Things are really going well this time out!

    We\'ve lost a couple of people, but we\'ve inticed a few old-timers to come back... :D

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    hurray for old people....
    or did you mean ppl from ME1?

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    Im in! Lincolnshire UK

    Note to self : Finish one of the minis from previous swaps.

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    I\'ve finally gotten more painting time and managed to make progress on my minis from the last I\'m up for another round. I\'ll also ship to anywhere. :)

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