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Thread: Mini-Exchange #5!!!

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    Ian (Lynx) has had a bit of a bout of personal life kicking him in the nards. I\'m sure once he has things back in order and the time, he will have FAMP back up and rearin\' to go.

    Originally posted by Starfall
    Once upon a time, wasn\'t there a site called findaminipainter where you could post you ME successes...? Where has it gone?

    Gin, yeah I like the stuff! I just hope I\'ll be able to paint in a week or two.

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    Originally posted by MarkusTay
    I just want to let Paolo (Dragonpaint) know his package arrived safely, I picked it up from the post office today. It seems they have had it for a month but somehow the first notice must have been lost. I\'m just glad it wasn\'t mailed back after all that time. Anyhow, I LOVED the minis, Paolo, especially the Rackham troll! I\'ll have pictures up as soon as I am able... speeking of which....
    WOW! I was scared about them :)
    I\'m happy you have received the miniatures and sorry to hear about your actual problems... you need the LIGHT to paint them properly!

    @Mosch: as promised I\'m working on your miniatures and painting them for the Italian Golden Demon, in the Duel category.
    Here\'s the base almost complete with at least one of your bitz ;)

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    @John, Maybe you can hint to Mark on the next mini exchange that he needs to make you the person I send to, As a dragon collector myself, I have been known to have a few doubles lying around

    You just jumped to the top of my favorite CMONer\'s list. :D

    I\'d be happy to do a private swap with you!

    PM me if interested.


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    Default I\'m back....

    I have internet access now, thanks to a neighbor and a LOT of extension cords. :D

    God-Damn banks screwed up my loan papers twice, so it may be as late as another week before I \"see the light\". In the mean time, other things have happened... when it rains it pours... :(

    I may have to convert my painting room/store room into a bedroom for my mom for awhile... So I don\'t know if I\'m going to do any painting for some time (see other thread).

    But now that I\'m back I\'ll keep you guys informed at least about the next exchange, even if I don\'t participate myself.

    Thanks - Mark

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    Thank\'s for keeping us informed with the miniature exchange. I know you have very hard times. Be sure my thoughts are with you and your family.


    It took a little bit long, but now I have finished the mini that represents ME#5 in my showcase. Here\'s the link:

    ME5 - Orc Sergeant

    Please visit him :D :D
    And yes, I always apprecciate votes and comments so please do... :D

    Have a nice day

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    Default ME5 Figure - Rackham: Varghar

    Great mini - finished him off this morning.

    I want to thank my ME5 partner, Maya (VALLOA), for the excellent minis and MARKUSTAY for organizing the exchange.


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    @Toxc: nice miniature, voted and commented :)

    @Rex: wow! One of the best wolfens I have seen around!

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    That Wolfen (I hope I got that right) is great.

    Is it available for voting?

    Too cool!


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    I know, I haven\'t posted a WIP pic, yet.

    John sent me, as mentioned a few pages back, The Fiend, a wonderful large demon mini, which I had wanted for a while, but kept losing auctions for on ebay when I saw them.

    The problem: I can\'t get him to stay upright on any stand. I\'ve tried everything. Glue. Green stuff and glue. Pinning, green stuff and glue.

    He keeps falling over if I turn my back for more than a minute!

    He\'s filed. He\'s primed. He\'s screaming at me to paint him on a daily basis, but I can\'t get him to stay upright, and laying him down would ruin painting done.

    Any suggestions for custom basing? I\'ve never done it, before, and need a walk-through guide to help me out.

    Here\'s the picture of how he should look, standing on his own base:

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    Geeeee... The Fiend from Grenadier... one of the best Balrogs I have seen :)

    I have painted it many years ago and I have the same problem with the base.
    I have used a 40mm GW base with a nail in the middle. The nail enter in the miniature for a depth of 2cmand than I have covered the base with green stuff to add some weight.
    Then I have modeled the GS with a cutter and painted as lava.
    Here\'s a couple of pictures:

    Probably this is the first miniature I have painted with the blending technique.

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    I\'ll give it a shot. Thanks.

    Now, clearly, I\'m not going to finish by the end of the month... le sigh.

    Job hunting sucks. It takes more time than a real job.

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    I have several ideas.
    First, how bendy is it? Personally I think it would look better leaning forward some. That might also help the balance.
    Second, you\'re probably best off using a large base that you can put washers under for weight, then building a self-hardening putty mound around the existing base. The existing base tapers out so building on top of it will lock it in place. I think that\'s what DP did above.

    I have more ideas, but they involve a lot more work. These should do.

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    The Fiend is about as bendy as an I-beam or a girder. He\'s thick, he\'s solid, and he\'s got religious fanatacism on his side...

    one of those evil gods that he serves only because they\'re stronger than he is...

    Very rigid.

    I considered trying to do a bit of cutting to place his arms differently, but came to the conclusion that it would ruin the over-all look of him. Especially since I haven\'t yet done much (read any) work with green stuff, beyond shoring up weak points.

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    @DragonPaint/Jahecker: Thank you for the kind words - it was a fun figure to paint.

    I have the mini posted here: Rackham: Varghar

    Warmest regards

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    Done! Here\'s my miniature from the MI#5, thanks again to Mosch for this one.
    I probably will add another miniature and use them for my duel entry in the next Italian Golden Demon but I know you are curious so I have mounted this Icon Bearer on a base and took some pictures.

    I have painted it as a Word Bearer Chaos Marine as you can see from the icon on the right shoulder pad.
    I have used Vallejo red as basecoat for the armour followed by multiple passes of Vallejo Carmine red and adding Vallejo Orange for the final lights.
    For the NMM gold parts I have used Vallejo Game Color Cobra Leather mixed with a bit of black and then I have added white for the highlights.

    Here\'s the CMON link if you like to vote it :)

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    Awesome work, Dragonpaint and Rex! Those are both stellar work. Naukhel, it would definite take some additional work, but how about putting him in more of a diorama type setting in which you could put something behind him and then glue/pin/greenstuff his tail or his wings to the background. Maybe some sort of pillar of evil or big tombstone or just a wall with a pentagram inscribed on it?

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    Been, commented and voted! Great job.


    Great mini, I will go and vote immediately.


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    Great stuff, REX/ Dragonpaint. I unfortunately won\'t get mine finished, recent events in my life have overtaken me and for the first time I will not get a mini exchange project finished. Never mind better luck with the next one.

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    Huzzah! He\'s going to stay upright!

    Painting commences in earnest.

    Thanks for the suggestions, all. The nail and the alternate stand is the one that\'s done it. Makes me really glad I bought the drill last month.

    Now, hopefully I can do a good enough job of sculpting the rest of it that it\'ll look presentable. I\'ve never sculpted anything before with anything other than DAS modelling clay, and that was more than 20 years ago.

    Man, it makes me feel old to think about that much time.

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    Originally posted by provoke_me
    i still awate my package.
    Erm.. do you have it yet? Because I sent it quite a while ago, and even allowing for the occasional wierdness of international post it should have arrived... :(

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