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    Default help on reds

    my problem is that i cannot highlight the red using a mix of red+white,what can i do to have a bright highlight?
    i\'ve used the scale:
    scab red,vallejo red,vallejo carmine but i\'m not happy:(

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    Default REDS

    Two of my favourite methods. First is off of a white undercoat. Basecoat of vallejo vermillion (a blood red type shade) washed with scab red then another wash of scab red mixed with black. Tidy up the highlights with a mix of scab red and vermillion. Then a final highlight of vermillion. Another method, more for working off a black undercoat is base coat of scab red mixed with black, highlighted with scab red, then mix scab red up to vermillion, or sometimes not quite to vermillion pending on the birghtness desired.


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    I tend to use a mix of yellow and white (mostly yellow) in my red highlights, have you tried that?


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    I tend to do red-orange highlights as well.

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    when possible (80-90% of the time) I mix all my colors from the same batch - particularly in the highlighting stages.

    So scab red with a little black as the deepest shadow, then scab red on it\'s own.

    Let all that dry then Scab Red with a touch of blazing orange - into that same mix for pass 3 more blazing orange and into that same mix for pass 4 fiery orange for the extreme edges.

    The above was more to illustrate the Using the Same Batch method. I find if you add another hue on top of another color you\'ll get some incongruities but by making sure you always have a touch of the under color in your upper one you\'ll get a more natural blend.

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    Default Reds

    I really use a lot of blending for my reds, especially if it\'s a large area. I start with Dark Flesh (which works as a great starter for browns too.), then Scab Red , Red Gore, Blood Red, Blazing Orange, and sometimes a bit of Fiery Orange for an extreme highlight. I\'ve used this method a lot, and it makes a great blend. I\'d say drop the fiery orange if you only want a standard highlight.

    Hope this helps.

    Mark-Master of the Inky Finger Clan.

    BTW- the master of the Inky Finger Clan is from the fact that I am a comic book inker, and I usually have a little bit of ink on the finger my brush sets on.

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    Default help with reds

    On Blackprimer.
    I\'ve been starting with mixing Scab red/Scorched brown & Chaos Black as a thin wash basecoat.
    Then Scab red alone, Scab red/Red gore mix. Red gore next.
    Redgore/Blood red mix. Then Blood red.
    Blood red/Blazing orange mix, then fiery orange as the final highlight.
    Wash over with a rich red ink (Windor & Newtons Deep Red) and re-highlight as you see fit.
    For cloth effect I use a matte varnish from a jar brushed on.
    Hope that this helps a bit I like the effect I\'ve been getting.

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    I\'ve said it before and I\'ll say it agian, mixing Black and Scab Red is a pain in the arse. The black overpowers the Scab way more than a dark brown (ie. Sroched brown) and so you can do it a lot easier with a Scorched/Scab mix. Hilight with Scab, blend up to Blood Red (I hate Red Gore with a fiery passion) and then do a weak glaze of Chestnut and Red inks mixed together. Rehilight with Blood and add in some Fiery Orange to the mix if you want to go a bit higher.

    Hardly a quick method, I know, but reds are a very striking color and the rewards of doing them properly make it worth the time (in my experience, anyway) :D

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    I\'ve used vallejo\'s Calvary Brown for reds on many occasions. It mixes with brown or black wel but it clearly is a dark red. Then i just mix with a red and that\'s about it! Pretty much works on both black and white backgrounds, too.

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    thank you all for the suggestions!
    i used to do highlights with the old GW ruby red (great color!)but i\'ve finished it....i\'m so alone!:(:D

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