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    who knows more???

    Well this year the GD italy will take place again... since from switzerland the way to mailand is about the half of the way to the german GD i decided to join the italian GD. but nevertheless i have to plan :)

    Since i dont can get eny infos about the GD this year (i dont get the italian WD and the Homepage isnt very informative) i ask here...

    thanks for every info...

    another thing, who will come?

    i\'ll be there and join the vheicle and both the single mini, maybe lotr (if the rles are the same like last year, so you can join every category)

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    I\'ll try to be there. No promises though.

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    @ frenchkid will the french waagh be there then?as french meybe you know more. id really would like to meet one or the other of them...

    if i get some news ill post them here... maybe i should mail the gw-italy hq for more infos :)

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    here all you need... just in italian... maybe i translate it in german fore some friends

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    I very much like to come, it\'s still the second nearest after GErmany (930km vs. 1100) from here and I very much like to meet some friends and internetbuddies again. I have to see if I make it though...getting a flight, finishing minis, hotel, etc.

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    Woop! Just seen this thread... :)

    Hope to see you all in Milan, I will be there with many Italian painters.

    I\'m already in contact with Trovarion and will post some news here as soon as possible.
    The Legio Pictorum (the Italian painters community) is trying to organize a meeting and will be a pleasure to know someone from abroad :)

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    hehe, nice nice... ill go down with another swiss painter, not very much for the new foundet swiss team... :)

    well.. i\'ll have a mormedil short so you cant miss me :) and the best is, that i can speak italian quite well since my mum is from southern switzerland(ticino) and learend me italian :P

    i hope i\'llo the final cut :)

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