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    a forum section I can really sink my teeth into! :D

    don\'t get me wrong, the RPG one is great, but Privateer Press has done wonders for re-establishing my faith in tabletop gaming, Warmachine rocks and I can\'t wait to start an Iron Kingdoms D20 campaign......and next year we get another game with 4 new factions of beautiful models to collect....*drools* I can\'t wait.....

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    What\'s that new game? Is it another games set in the same universe as IK and Warmachine?

    *edit* Ok, I just read the other thread... The minis look really sweet. Also, they seem to be my kind of stuff! :D Maybe then, I\'ll finally get into buying some Privateer Press stuff!

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    I agree Sith. PP have done a smart job on Warmachine. Excellent rulebooks and system. The minis aint bad either - nice and chunky!

    Looking forward to Hordes, but I\'d love to see them do something totally new - proper sci-fi or something post-apocalyptic in PP stylee would be reet smart!

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    i like there minis, but have never played there games... nor do i know anybody who plays there games unfortunatly. But sounds like i\'ll be poorer soonlol

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    Default Well I\'ll be damned!!!

    They actually listened to me... :D

    Nobody listens to me... ???


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    funny how that worked out, eh MT?

    I\'m all for it though....

    might actually get some posts in now with this one....Love my Warmachine....

    can\'t wait until saturday to get my copy of Apothesis and Terminus *drools* :D:D

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    Yeah. I didn\'t know this thread was about PP Hordes! game. Where are you guys seeing the miniatures for it?

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