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    Default RED CROSS INFO

    I wrote Missionfish here is the cut and past from my their response letter.
    I will now verify this information with red cross as per letters instructions

    Hi TRACY:
    Thanks for writing in. Its my understanding that only listings that started live on eBay after 8/29 will benefit the Red Cross Emergency Response Fund. Your listing started on 8/25, so it should still goto the general operating fund.

    You may also want to contact the Red Cross and verify this.

    Thanks so much!

    Michael Leger
    MissionFish Community Care

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    Soon this will be over but I feel you to verify what was has been done after the fact...
    The auction funds went into the RCross general fund Not to hurricane Katrina ....... the auction was listed before the change and they must honor our original intent.
    Here is a copy of the fund transfer I will not go into the fact that you can not transfer more than 3000 from paypal thus making it impossible to pay the donation from where the money is sent. thus the payment was made today after I could cure the situation

    Dear Tracy Brady:

    We have received your donation payment(s)! Following is a confirmation of your payment details:

    Listing 1:
    Final bid: $3550.00
    Quantity sold: 1
    Donation percent: 100%
    Donation due: $3550.00
    ( Remember, there is a $10 minimum donation for every eBay Giving Works item sold )

    eBay Item ID: 5234973822
    eBay Transaction ID: 0
    This auction ended on: 9/4/05 1:00 PM

    A letter that passed back and forth to Mr Huxley.. My original is below his response...Jakob Nielsen is responsible for the opening the door to GW

    Hi Tracey

    That looks great. I\'m organising the funds as we speak and will be in touch early next week.

    Again, it\'s a fantastic effort and congrats to everyone involved.



    Ian Huxley
    Northern European Promotions Manager
    Games Workshop
    É +44 (0)115 916 8069
    +44 (0)115 916 8470

    From: Tracy Brady
    Sent: Wednesday, September 7, 2005 10:19 PM
    To: Ian Huxley
    Subject: Attn Ian the Paint Aid is finished and paid for :D

    Hi Ian

    This is what the auction went for and it is now paid.

    Can you please advise me as to how you are going to match the donation

    And if there some thing you I can do to assist you I will need to present the information on the site and to the participants.

    I can not thank you enough for you support It meant the world to me and all involved.

    Good relations for many to see giving from such a large company.

    Highest regards to you, Ian and, Bo

    I thank you both for the vote of confidence.


    When he writes me again that I will post as the last contribution here

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    I know modesty might be standing in your way but you do have the cost of hosting the auction and paying your eBay fees still to attend to. Please post your Paypal account or direct mailing address for people that would like to help you defer this cost.

    Everyone else,

    Please help Tracy out however you can! Thank you

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    Well, I sent some money to Tracy\'s email address with paypal, I\'m just waiting for her to tell me everything\'s alright (hint hint) ;)

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    Galente ..Oh crap, I\'m sorry, I\'m fine promise I will email you and not ramble here.

    Thanks Braveheart Most of you guys over paid though so you got yourself\'s an adopted elf to boot, the listing on a 100%
    donation auction is covered and the final value fees by eBay.

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    No, don\'t bother Tracy!
    It\'s just that it was the first time I sent money with Paypal and I was worried that you didn\'t get it.
    If you did that\'s fine, it\'s all I wanted to know :)

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    Well I got my new army yesterday and I have to say it looks absolutely fantastic. It\'s a real pleasure to own such a beautifully painted army and the amount of time and effort that everyone must have put into it is truly amazing.

    A big thank you to everyone who was involved, especially Mike and Tracy.

    Now if you\'ll all excuse me I have to get back to looking at my army!


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    Way to go Mr. Bloodfinger. How many of us envy you. You got to kill two birds with one stone, helping out with a great cause, AND scoring a super army.

    Any plans for it? Will you play warhammer with it, or just drool over some of the fantastic paint jobs?

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    Yeah, I\'m also curious to know what you\'re going to do with it.
    Also, do you have a favourite piece?

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    The army will be mostly for display, as its far too precious to leave the house and risk the knocks and scrapes that gaming figures tend to suffer. But if I ever get round to clearing space for a gaming table in the house it may get taken out for the odd home game.

    As for a favourite piece, it\'s really hard to say as there are so many great ones, and so many cool details (like CMON on the empire shields and the gnoblar drummer on the back of one of the bellowers).

    But if I had to pick one it would be the tyrant - an awesome paintjob and a totally unique conversion, or the female maneater because of her flowery dress and the tattoo on her face. Which is two, but it\'s the best I can do!


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    Thank you very much you deserve it for bring all of our efforts to fruition.

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    Default Oh dead of the threads, RISE AGAIN...

    Sorry to ressurrect this, but I was just curious to know if GW ever came up with their committment to the money.

    Also, was there ever any mention of this in the White Dwarf magazine? If so which one?

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    Message original : supervike
    Sorry to ressurrect this, but I was just curious to know if GW ever came up with their committment to the money.
    As I recall, GW Northern Europe did donate the sum. But Tracy should have more info on this.
    Message original : supervike
    Also, was there ever any mention of this in the White Dwarf magazine? If so which one?
    The project was mentionned in the french and spanish WDs, but I never saw them mention that GW did a donation.

    As for Paint Aid II (I should have talked about it before) but since mostly I was busy and we kind of couldn\'t get everything ready for the date that was planned (Christmas), plus the fact that Tracy is currently doing a wonderful job with WoH, I decided to postpone it (spring-summer 2006 should be a better time for everybody I hope).

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