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Sunday, 28 September

For this weeks sale we are featuring Bushido at 20% off!

Thursday, 25 September

Look at what we found while cleaning up around the warehouse. 14 of this limited edition miniature from Dark Sword Miniatures thought to be completely gone. Get one while supplies last!

CMON Contest 15 - Female Anti-Paladin from Dark Sword Miniatures (Limited Edition)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Tuesday, 23 September

New releases and a restock from Mierce Miniatures for Darklands as well as their Banelegions line.

Belech, Axeman of Omens (1)

Malacant, Servile Champion of Dis (1)

Carrowek of Carn Dhu, War-Drune on Foot and on Drune-Horse (2)

Oácyning, Lord of the Oak-Enta (1)

Snapper, Drune-Hound (1)

Angrislaug, Draiggoch of Eryri (1)

Proteanc, Fickle Lord of Uroboros (1)

Vaak, Moraine Beast (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Sunday, 21 September

Since it was met with such a good response we decided to keep out Confrontation 40% off sale going for another week and we also added a 20% off Sale on Antimatter Games!

Saturday, 20 September

CoolMiniOrNot Base System Featuring Micro Art Studio Kickstarter NOW Live!

CoolMiniOrNot and Micro Art Studios are excited to introduce the next generation of miniature bases!

Most decorative bases are designed as one piece, with terrain molded on top of a beveled game base. The CoolMiniOrNot system is actually two pieces. The first piece is a highly detailed terrain insert. The second piece is a black satin base, with a recessed center that holds the insert. This two part system creates a cohesive and beautiful base for your miniatures.

Design Benefits
Great care was taken to make sure each Micro Art Studio insert fits perfectly into the recessed base.

This means you won't waste your time filing or sanding down edges, as with many metal and resin bases.

The terrain insert can be primed and painted separately from the base. You won't have to cover up any splotches or overspray on the base edges, as with one-piece bases.

Since the recessed base is molded in the black satin finish most gamers use, you won't have to paint that piece at all. Glue in your painted insert, and you're ready to play. No touching up chipped base edges after a battle!

The separate insert makes for easy casting of highly detailed terrain. This allows the design team at Micro Art Studios to let their imagination go wild, with terrain that juts off the base and creates eye-catching foundations for your miniatures.
Molded in Plastic
When CoolMiniOrNot and Micro Art teamed up to create the next generation of bases, we looked at all the possibilities and found that molding in plastic was an exciting alternative to molding in resin. Not only does the quality and versatility of the final product improve, but the cost to the end user decreases.
The insert is a firm PVC that is highly resistant to chipping or breaking like resin. PVC also eliminates air bubbles and flash from the mold.

Plastic and resin models will no longer require pinning, but can be attached easily and permanently with a small amount of superglue.

The black base is a durable polystyrene. Again, this material is resistant to chipping or breaking during normal use.

By molding our bases in plastic, CoolMiniOrNot and Micro Art Studio are giving you the most bases for the least amount of money currently offered in the miniature hobby.

At launch, we are offering four different styles of bases for our backers to choose from. Each style consists of: 1 50mm insert, 6 UNIQUE 40mm inserts, and 10 UNIQUE 30mm inserts, with the appropriate number and sizes of recessed black polystyrene bases, for a total of 17 complete bases.

CoolMiniOrNot and Micro Art Studios are excited to introduce the next generation of miniature bases!

Visit the Kickstarter page to learn more by clicking Here!

Friday, 19 September

18 New releases from Wyrd Miniatures this month including the latest expansion for Malifaux 2nd Edition, Crossroads!

Crossroads: Malifaux 2nd Edition

The Kin: Ophelia Crew (8)

The Swamp Hag: Zoraida Crew (6)

Doppleganger (1)

Samurai (3)

Graveyard Spirit (1)

Hoarcat Pride (3)

Molemen (3)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Monday, 15 September

New releases as well as a restock from Kabuki Models!

Steam Knight

Dark Knight

Hydra Knight

Ky-rà Bust

Tinker Bell (54mm)

Alice In Wonderland (54mm)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Saturday, 13 September

This week we are offering a whopping 40% off of our stock of Confrontation Miniatures get them while they last!

Friday, 12 September

We have a restock from Nuts Planet as well as a new release of a bust depicting Col. Claus von Stauffenberg with two different heads, one historical and one inspired by a movie adaptation of his attempts to end WWII!

Claus Von Stauffenberg

The Lord of Lion

US 101 Airborne

German Officer, The Hunter

The Aquila, Roman Legionary

The Crusades, Knight of St. John

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Wednesday, 10 September

A huge restock as well as new items from Predastore to fit all your Predator wants and desires including some of their fantastic 1/5 and 1/6 scale Garage kits!

Predosien Kapated (1)

Huntress Predette (1)

2 Guns Cleaner (1)

Assault Hunter (1)

Spitter Hunter (1)

Last Kiss Goodbye (1)

Tromblon Hunter (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Tuesday, 9 September

New Releases from Mantic Games for DeadZone and DreadBall as well as their new BattleZones Terrain!






DreadBall Ultimate

DreadBall – Locust City Chiefs

DreadBall – Firewall Robot

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]!

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