Friday, 31 August

As the month comes to a close, we've got a new set of releases available for you. There's a pair of Zombicide expansions, a new family fun board game, and the first of our brand new miniatures line for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Let's check 'em out.

Starting off, there's the Stark vs. Lannister 2-player Starter Set for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

Up next, we've got Friends and Foes that brings in new Survivors, Compansions, and the Tainted Zombies.

Then there's No Rest for the Wicked, where players will face off against Rat Swarmz, Ethereal Zombies, and the dreaded Zombie Dragon.

Finally, Gizmos, where players are trying to create the greatest machine of them all.

Friday, 25 May

May may be just about over, but there's still time to pick up our latest releases in our webstore.

Starting out, we have Dragon Castle, where players are looking to construct their own castle out of the ruins of the previous one, hoping to draw the Celestial Dragon there to live.

Up next is Council of 4, which sees players trying to create a trading empire across the land. However, to get the permits needed to set up shop, they'll have to appease the councils in charge of the different parts of the kingdom.

Last, but certainly not least, in Way of the Panda, ninjas have long ruled the ancestral panda lands. The Emperor has decided it's time to clean them up, and the various panda clans are fighting over who can clean up and rebuild the most.

That's what we've got for you this month. Check all of these great titles out now.

Friday, 27 April

We've got quite a set of releases for you this month. Two new core boxes are available, including the latest Zombicide release. Then, two very popular games have their first expansion sets.

We start out with Green Horde, the new core box for Zombicide: Black Plague.

Next, step onto the dark and rainy streets of steampunk London in The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch.

The first of our two expansion sets is The Hunter's Nightmare, which gives Hunter's new options and challenges in Bloodborne: The Card Game.

And last, but certainly not least, head to Renaissance Italy and look to prove your family is the best in Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance.

All of these are available in our webshop now.

As April comes to a close, it's time for a new batch of Dark Age releases. Toxic Cult makes an appearance, along with some Brood and Outcasts. Let's take a look.

Starting off, get all your poisons and acids and other nasty stuff with the Toxic Cult Faction Box:

We then move on to a classic favorite in a new box, the Skarrd Juggernaut.

Skarrd finishes up with another classic, the Buzzblades.

Outcasts have their own big ones coming to the field with the Brute Reinforcement box.

We end with another old favorite, the Brood Swarm Numbskull.

Friday, 30 March

As March comes to an end, it's a new beginning in Japan. The Kami have decided a new Clan shall be in charge, but only one that proves itself worthy of such a task. The Rising Sun core game, as well as several expansions are available now. Along with that, we have six new Wrath of Kings box sets you can pick up now.

We start out with the Rising Sun core box:

Next, the Kami take a more direct role in the affairs of men in Kami Unbound:

Then, two more clans try to prove they have what it takes to rule Japan in Dynasty Invasion:

Finally, even more mythical creatures can join your Clan in the Monster Pack:

Next, we get into the Wrath of Kings releases. Starting out, for House Goritsi, we have the Whitemane Duelists:

As well as the Gotha Knights:

Meanwhile, House Nasier is now able to field the Firehawk Reavers:

And the Izari Warhounds:

And wrapping things up, House Shael Han gets the Dragon Lancers:

And the Paragons of Wrath:

Friday, 16 March

We've just updated the webshop to have the latest Dark Age releases now available. Skarrd gets the lion's share, with five new releases. Not to be totally left out, Brood also has a new box set that you can get.

For starters, there's the new Skarrd Command Box.

Following that up, we take you to church with the Skarrd Church of Worms Box.

Things start to get big with the Skarrd Decay Cult Monstrous Unit Box.

They get even bigger via the Skarrd Golab Unit Box.

And finally reach maximum big-ness with the Skarrd Warhead Unit Box.

And slithering into the pile is the Brood Swarm Pud Hatercy box.

Friday, 16 February

We've got a new crop of Dark Age releases for you today. Let's jump right into it.

We begin with the Outcast Faction Starter Box.

From there, we move on to the Outcast Faction Deck, a must-have for all Outcast players.

An army's only as good as its leaders, and the Court of Freeton Leadership Box gives the Outcasts a solid group of leaders, literally.

Not everything this month is Outcast. Skarrd are getting some releases, too. We start out with the crossover pack, Misfits and Monsters.

Continuing on with Skarrd, we get into the new Cult of Metamorphosis Faction Box. If you're ready for a change, the Cult of Metamorphosis might be fore you.

Harpies have been a part of the Skarrd for a while, and they're getting themselves a new unit box that you can pick up now. They're flying off the shelves.

And last, but certainly not least, the Brood sneak in with an old favorite in a new box. The Howler box set is screaming to be bought.

Thursday, 8 February

The bobbies over in Scotland Yard have their hands full. They've decided to enlist your help with their case load. Take on the role of a detective and solve your case before everyone else in 13 Clues, available now!

Friday, 12 January

The New Year is upon us, and it's time to get some New Releases into your hands! There's quite a lot going on. Dragyri are getting a lot of new box sets. But it's not just those alien beings with figures. Skarrd bursts onto the scene with some new releases. And just to make sure nobody feels left out, there's the Faction-Specific Secondary Objective Deck. Let's take a look at all of these.

Starting out, there's the new Dragyri Soul Wardens Box:

From there, we have a trio of Death's Device boxes.

First is the Ice Caste:

Then the Air Caste:

And finally, the Shadow Caste:

But the Shadow Caste doesn't stop there. They've also got the Spiderlings box:

As well as the Umbral Elemental Box:

The Cult of Decay starts off right with a new Faction Box:

Any good faction needs some good leaders, and that's just what you get with the Skarrd Leadership Box:

And to bulk up your forces, there's the Skarrd Flesh Echoes box:

And last, but certainly not least, there's the Faction-Specific Secondary Objective Deck:

There you have it. These are available now in the webshop!

Thursday, 11 January

Greetings from the CMON Team,

We want to apologize to anyone affected by our shipping delays in relation to orders placed during CMON’s 2017 Holiday Sale and for any issues the delays caused during the holiday season. The response to the sale was huge compared to previous years, and, truthfully, we were not prepared. The number of orders far exceeded our expectations and our ability to keep pace.

Our team in the warehouse has been working tirelessly to pack and ship your orders, and we can say that all orders placed during the Holiday Sale will be shipped by January 26, 2018. If you are waiting on a response from our Customer Service team in regard to the status of your shipment, please know they are working as fast as they can to catch up with the heavy influx of tickets generated from the shipping delay. When your order ships, you will receive tracking information to the email we have on file.

Again, we apologize for any undue stress our delays have caused. We are using this as a learning experience as we strive to always increase or service to our customers who helped make CMON what it is today and will be in the future.

Sunday, 31 December

A huge Thank You, to all of the people who have made 2017 special for us! We can't wait to share all the exciting events in the coming year with you! Wherever you are tonight, we hope you're safe and surrounded by friends and family! Happy New Year from the CMON family!

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