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Submitted on 7-Jun-14
Score: 9.8
Votes: 1638
Comments: 26

by tatoo

Lost in the Dark (Olfo Fastfeet)
Submitted on 29-Jul-14
Score: 9.8
Votes: 503
Comments: 37

by Bailey03

Tzeentch Standard Bearer
Submitted on 15-Jan-14
Score: 9.7
Votes: 1010
Comments: 44

by Mauganra

World Eaters Contempor Pattern Dreadnought (Horus Heresy)
Submitted on 3-Mar-14
Score: 9.7
Votes: 824
Comments: 28

by Bohun

Haviland Tuf
Submitted on 22-Mar-14
Score: 9.7
Votes: 577
Comments: 45

by Nakatan

Kingdom Death - Flower Knight close ups
Submitted on 2-Feb-14
Score: 9.7
Votes: 549
Comments: 16

by Tommie S

Steampunk Arielle
Submitted on 11-Apr-14
Score: 9.7
Votes: 530
Comments: 34

by mrika

Submitted on 11-Feb-14
Score: 9.7
Votes: 491
Comments: 35

by david wa

Berezina 1812
Submitted on 9-Jun-14
Score: 9.7
Votes: 393
Comments: 6

by tatoo

Work hard and have fun!
Submitted on 4-May-14
Score: 9.7
Votes: 311
Comments: 19

by emuse

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