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1st company captain of the Crimson fists
Submitted on 17-Apr-15
Score: 9.9
Votes: 1335
Comments: 59

by Yellow o

Dread Saurian
Submitted on 13-Jan-15
Score: 9.8
Votes: 812
Comments: 33

by Karol Ru

Danse Macabre
Submitted on 25-Mar-15
Score: 9.8
Votes: 519
Comments: 23

by brushmis

World Of Stone (Ashlyn)
Submitted on 8-May-15
Score: 9.8
Votes: 457
Comments: 18

by Nakatan

Good morning, slave! (Overall)
Submitted on 26-Aug-15
Score: 9.8
Votes: 261
Comments: 15

by Nakatan

Lord of Nurgle....Tooth Fairy!!!
Submitted on 7-Nov-15
Score: 9.8
Votes: 214
Comments: 3

by Raffaele

US paratrooper 1944 battle for Bastogne 1\10
Submitted on 30-Aug-15
Score: 9.8
Votes: 160
Comments: 8

by Yellow o

Submitted on 19-Feb-15
Score: 9.7
Votes: 576
Comments: 36

by Banshee

Is it Serious?
Submitted on 9-Apr-15
Score: 9.7
Votes: 438
Comments: 30

by Death De

Demonic Temple close-ups
Submitted on 25-Mar-15
Score: 9.7
Votes: 270
Comments: 10


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