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Ylva- Maiden of the Wolves
Submitted on 4-Jan-21
Score: 9.8
Votes: 269
Comments: 9

by Mihausz

Petri ”Red Axes” Redhalla
Submitted on 2-Jan-21
Score: 9.8
Votes: 178
Comments: 4

by HonourGu

IMPERATOR_BoxArt for Scale75
Submitted on 24-Mar-21
Score: 9.8
Votes: 177
Comments: 3

by Banshee

WILLIAM WALLACE_BoxArt for Fer Miniatures
Submitted on 2-Feb-21
Score: 9.8
Votes: 155
Comments: 3

by Banshee

Dino- Guardian of the Swamp
Submitted on 4-Jan-21
Score: 9.7
Votes: 149
Comments: 2

by Mihausz

Blood for the Black Sun
Submitted on 11-Apr-21
Score: 9.7
Votes: 114
Comments: 4

by Mr_Paint

Submitted on 12-Jun-21
Score: 9.6
Votes: 81
Comments: 1

by MorglumK

Gaunt Ghosts diorama
Submitted on 22-Jun-21
Score: 9.5
Votes: 94
Comments: 1

by fantasyg

Re-K0nnect Anatomic Bust
Submitted on 5-Jul-21
Score: 9.5
Votes: 89
Comments: 0

by nighthaw

Aries_Boxart for Scale75
Submitted on 19-May-21
Score: 9.5
Votes: 72
Comments: 2

by Banshee

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