This is Mithril's Gollum, M232, and we hopes you likes him, my Precious... Please gives us good votes and comments and feedbacks, or we'll hits you with our fish!

Posted: 11 Oct 2002

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When I first loked at this pic I thought,"Wow! Old School Gollum!!!" I just wish that there was more light. There are some good articles on how to lighten your pics and post with mutiple wiews in CMON's article section.
9 Nov 2004 • Vote: 6
I like yours, after having seen pictures of the second movie I repainted mine in flesh-colours, look at it here on cmon. I like the way you made it!
4 Dec 2002 • Vote: 6
Gollum looks great though I may have started with a brown instead of black base coat. The fish is lacking any detail though.
22 Nov 2002 • Vote: 7

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