Khorne vs. sororitas

gold @ lucca 2005 bronze @ italian gd 2005

Posted: 15 Dec 2005

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Firstly, NICE minis! definitely falls into the "Cool" catagory for me. now for my rants... why is she hanging off the base? others have complained about thet base but I like it (I'm a sucker for snow and ash seperately much less Together!). The only problem is she's not on it! It looks badly planned out and since she's suspended by some mesh, she doesn't look "heavy" or unrealistically light maybe...not that I would suggest using either term to describe a woman with a power sword. shuffle her towards Mr Khorne Badass a bit and ya get a 10 from me! Ok rant over.... The Sister is AWESOME! love the bloody cheek, but doesn't she know, blood just drives him crazy?
21 Aug 2006
That helmet is wicked. The marine looks so.. hellish?
23 Jun 2006
che dire anche qua? se te la lasciavano su duello te ne riportavi 4 di ori! great vwork mago!!!!!
17 Dec 2005
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