my second rackham model. what does anyboby think about my nmm its my second try. i'd lke to get better

Posted: 1 Feb 2006

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This is my least favourite of all your wolfen, mainly because the colours are very 'samey'. No contrast between blade, skin tone, chains etc. However, having said that, the quality of your painting is great and the face is very good and on a par with your other two. Oh and I think you may have missed another ring in his ear! ;o) Nice work.
3 Feb 2006 • Vote: 7
These wolfs are great, do you have some more of them? The NMM looks very cool especially if that is your second try. As buddha already said, your style of painting is very clean, a pleasure for the eye to look at your minis. I am not sure but I think i painted a fairly similar one 3 years ago for my little brother.
2 Feb 2006
Highbulp Billy
This may sound odd but I love the gums on this mini. On a model like this where it is dominated by the grey tones, that little bit of fleshy colour really looks good.
2 Feb 2006 • Vote: 8
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