Architekt Kourtylien

Well, this is my last paintjob.This mini is sculpted by sebastien Labro,20 mm from head to feets.This is the first for a new range of miniatures avalaible on follow the link :o). Very pleasant to paint ,it takes me about 20 hours to achieve it ,testing OSL for the first time.It could be better but I' m quite satisfied about it. Comments are really really welcome !!

Posted: 27 Feb 2006

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Well, he looks great. What is the source of the lighting? Is that supposed to be a gloworm tied to his staff? Neat!
18 Aug 2006 • Vote: 9
Tu commencesa te defendre mec hiihh j.
5 Mar 2006
that's mad! great color scheme, very muddy with some dots of more intense colors! and that green light is SWEEEEEEEEEEET! reminds me a bit of the "everyone's nightmare" in Final Fantasy 7 - so creepy
28 Feb 2006
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