High Elf Lord

rebased and relisted ebay number 8806610171 by Darren latham

Posted: 9 May 2006

9.3 /10 (182 Votes) 8.8k Views

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really nice work here daz, really neat and precise work, but i ust think that 9.5 is slightly overated as the NMM gold looks like it is in the early stages and could have more darker areas in the blending for the darker reflection and maybe more white highlights, but the later models you have painted show the way proper NMM should be! other then that its perfect.
30 Jan 2012
This is the main reason i love your work. i look at this model and see an art peice, a model in the mist of battle yet so elegant. hopfully ill be able to emulate this with my own style one day. always trying to improve to come 1/10 close to your skill. INCREDIABLE
24 May 2010
21 Oct 2006
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