Khor warrior

Ok,usually I really don't like the Nmm tecnique...too cartonish for my tastes...and as a dwarf I REALLY DON'T LIKE fake metal on my warriors...but I use to say that "you can't hate something you don't know" so I've tried this one. Not bad after all,but my idea stay the same.Nothig beat the real metal.

Posted: 21 May 2006

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Gunamar Ironwill
Thank's everybody for the comments.This was my first real try at nmm,and as banshee said the tecnic is poor....still,I'm happy [and impressed] that somebody find this mini goodlooking!! At the moment I'd like to improve my skill at painting real metal [the best way to do metal,Imho],but probably i'd give another try at nmm in the future...
30 May 2006
ok..the thecnic can be very much better..but teh colours are beautiful and the dark nmm ..i love it.
29 May 2006
I know what you mean I'm not sure about NMM either...however very nice work.The sword is stunning
24 May 2006 • Vote: 9
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