Made from space marine and zombie parts. The face and hair has been converted by using green stuff. It doesn´t really show in the picture but it says "SIN" in his shirt. Comments are Jolly welcome !!

Posted: 23 Nov 2002

5.6 /10 (189 Votes) 4.3k Views

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You got the quote kinda wrong, rather than "lay my fingers", it should be "take my vegeance" or somthing similar. Unless you deliberatly mis-quoted. Nice mini, I like the conversion. Is he part of a squad or a one off?
26 May 2003 • Vote: 6
No Such Agency
(6.5) Creepy and strange. This guy would make a great character for some post-apocalyptic RPG.
23 Nov 2002 • Vote: 7
I like the concept and the execution of the conevrsion, but you should touch up the green on the base.
23 Nov 2002

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