Golden Lioness

It's my entry on Jason's Chick Challenge III, Thanks for all voters on this one. I named it "Golden Lioness" because there's no red tone on her (except her lips).

Posted: 25 Nov 2002

9.4 /10 (731 Votes) 33.0k Views

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Everytime i see this picture, i weep for the beauty of the world ... and this paintjob.
29 Jul 2009
Marco P
OMG......her face is wonderful! O_o
29 May 2009 • Vote: 10
WOOOOOW! Beautiful model well painted horse, too many people get it wrong the mane+ tail are loverly and the armour is amazing. It makes me want to paint the model but i'd only be annoyed that it didn't turn out this way
5 Mar 2009
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