Hormogaunt Leader

This is my latest Hormogaunt. I gave him a Tyranid Warrior head, to represent his mutation (it gives the unit Ld 10 instead of 5 :)). I also tried to to my highlights on this one . The scan really washes the highlights out. It's Codex grey highlighted with forest grey (or sumting like that). Ow yeah, don't complain the white is too bright. I want it to be that way. Thx.

Posted: 4 Dec 2002

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nice paint job. but the other Tyranid warrior head would fit better to hormogaunts (i mean the style of the armour plates)
19 Mar 2003
I like your colour scheme ,too many people paint these critters green or red this makes a nice change.
9 Dec 2002 • Vote: 7

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