Vostroyan Commander - for the UK GDGet Together Charity Auction

This is the Vostroyan Comander that will be going up for auction along with the rest of the figures that are being done by CMON Members attending the 2006 UK GD. I enjoyed doing this guy although he was a typical officer and made me work for the NMM all the way. Reds have never really been a strong point for me but I think in this case overall he has come out very well. Comments appreciated. :D

Posted: 27 Aug 2006

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cultist of Slaanesh
WOW not until you painted this piece did i realize it had a mechanical leg! or was it converted? either way that's super sweet, for a person who thought red was a weak point you must be SUPREME with everything else!!
7 Jul 2008
8.5 I love the red and nmm. Really nice work.
9 Sep 2006 • Vote: 9
Those reds are great, nice!
30 Aug 2006
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