I painted this as a first price for a little mordheim tournament I had with a few friends.

Posted: 10 Dec 2002

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Hamilcar: thanks. The guy who won it was rather content with it. Aschul: I tried to keep the number of hard colors down, which is why the front is soft colors. Some more contrast would have been in order probably. The bent staff is supposed to be that way, I think.
25 Feb 2003 • Vote: 7
I think some areas, specifically the robe and beard need a little more shading and definition. The entire front of it looks a little "flat". I also feel that the red, grey and "cream" colours don't complement each other very well. The staff is also bent inwards at the top.
21 Feb 2003
I would give this an 8.5, but since I cannot vote in decimals I have rounded up. Very clean. Feel like I am viewing a walking cartoon character. Overall nice job. I know I would be VERY happy if I won this. Paint actually makes me think the figure would be "soft" to the touch.
20 Feb 2003

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